How to use the traditional community double eleven


5 years ago, the Alibaba launched the "double eleven" net sales discounts, then Jingdong, Dangdang, and other electricity providers have joined the site, after a year of November 11th, gradually become the consumer’s Shopping Festival, has become a fierce war electricity supplier. In 2012, the Alibaba group announced its "double eleven" sales total sales of Alipay 19 billion 100 million, Tmall 13 billion 200 million, Taobao 5 billion 900 million. Obviously, every year Singles Day has become China’s first shopping carnival. Taobao investment department is responsible for said an internal meeting of the recent people, this year eleven, Tmall Taobao’s sales target is 50 billion yuan, compared with last year, sales grew 160%; twelve sales target is 35 billion yuan.

consecutive years of national berserk, lead to other electronic business platform also began to enter the "double eleven", won a share of the expected of them! According to the relevant data show that last year, Taobao has not exactly double eleven Festival, is the number of network operators and users of the online shopping Carnival collective, shopping atmosphere than traditional festivals. Many shopping websites have come to buy:

(1) October 10, 2012, Jingdong mall launched a month of "Desert Storm", continued until November 12th;

(2) from October 24, 2012 to October 26th for three days, QQ online shopping snapped cumulative turnover of 650 million yuan;

(3) launched a 13th anniversary month anniversary "Dangdang 11· 9. Action" (the end of October, Tmall officially opened shop in;

(4) in November 5, 2012, Amazon announced the official launch of the "China Z week" the promotional activities, the activities for a period of seven days, until the night of November 11th to 24 points;

(5) on November 5, 2012, Yi Xun network announced the introduction of "three compensation" service (you pay on the loss, slow on the compensation, false compensation);

(6) in November 9, 2012, Suning Electric Business Alliance ( and its red child, Eslite, Lasafo business platform, excellent shopping network) officially launched, Suning online also launched " super 0 yuan buy activities; "

(7), the United States side claimed that, in order to prepare for "double eleven", Gome mall prepared more than 10 billion supply, the overall benefit of more than 1 billion yuan.

As for the

this year outside these giants, in the past October 18th where passengers are on a "full half off" activities, the reason where customers will no longer say, but that all sorts of behaviors, from the beginning of the eleven day, it is worthy of the name of the battle, war thunder thunder, called electricity supplier version of "martial arts the General Assembly", the major sects all want to put on the term "martial" down from the throne.

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