n this way the mobile community has turned the entire sister industry upside down

I dark horse introduction: today we talk about "sister" topic. Mobile Internet ferocious, impact on various industries, retail, services, medical, etc., "sister" this industry is the same, from dating to marriage one-stop service, are undergoing profound changes. In the entrepreneur 9 monthly, a total of more than 70 mobile communities were integrated, including these.

such as dating, unsure of his appearance:

you can go to the new oxygen community, the whole shape, you have to believe that the world is always more handsome guy, beauty.

you can mint net, a weight loss community, because the world is always more than fat, thin market.

, such as dating, has no experience:

you can go to bubble love, it’s specially trained.

, such as dating, doesn’t know where to begin.

you can go to YY, of course, the main sister paper a little more.

you can go to a mini bar, make an unfamiliar friend, chat with APP, find a hobby and get along well with each other.

you can also go to Dr.Wine’s wine friends’ community.

, for example, after the date of success, want to get married.

You can go to

networks, very convenient, one-stop service, without the kind of pay.

for the above community, "entrepreneur" & I dark horse, the articles are sorted out, a lot of dry goods, you can spend two minutes to see.


new oxygen community: Plastic community electricity supplier

Wen / Wang Hyuk

founder Venus believes that the core character of the new oxygen community, one for honesty and the other for warmth.

in general, plastic surgery is more intimate, and most plastic workers are reluctant to let others know that they have done it. But the work of Venus entrepreneurial team, not only to make the plastic this open, but also to encourage them in the new oxygen platform drying out their own bold after shaping the photos, and enthusiastically joined to discuss various topics related to.

that sounds very tricky. On this issue, in the interview, the particular point of Venus is that community operators should first give the above users a full sense of security.

The initial

on the line, the new oxygen community attitudes clearly inform the user of the platform does not charge user fees, also do not only provide intermediary services, an interactive exchange of free space for plastic surgeons, plastic, plastic has been deliberately.

Venus said that once someone in the community Post said that he was ready to do plastic surgery, the post will soon be harvested, a large number of other users to encourage messages. Unlike other web platforms, the comments of the new oxygen users look great on the tone