C2C businesses are bound to edge in the Taobao system and will return to the flea market

leads: in Taobao system, C2C small businessman’s survival is more and more difficult. From the earliest forum, BBS to eBay model, and then to Taobao, as well as 58 city, C2C transactions go from here,



this morning introduced a new venture, "small business" – a personal life trading platform. Would like to see this product, and the current Hongtao K group executive vice president, pure life Wuhan science and Technology Co. founder’s visit to a solution of gravel.

solution gravel should be regarded as 80 entrepreneurs, college students, self-made representatives of the typical, very early access to the electricity supplier industry. He was born in 1984, 2009, 2 years of business "has become the most cattle underwear king", from poor students become worth tens of millions of new money. It was invited to become vice president of the K group in the history of the young, the successful transformation of traditional business to electronic commerce, with 14 months to the K business from almost zero to annual turnover of nearly billion yuan.

in the Taobao system, C2C small business survival is getting more and more difficult. Here are some of the ideas for C2C’s business development:

in the Taobao system, C2C small businesses to survive more and more difficult, this is indeed the existence of the situation, but there is a trend of spread. Can count as an account, according to different categories, different business stores, franchise stores, etc., the current requirements of Tmall, 150 thousand, 100 thousand margin, 60 thousand operating costs. So, want to set up shop, at least to prepare more than ten thousand real estate. When ready to support inventory, often a Small and micro businesses inventory turnover of about 300 thousand to 50 of the goods and goods. In addition, there are a series of other expenses, such as commissions, decoration to a single 15% Pu, on the train and marketing etc.. In other words, to do a small micro store gross cost of one million. If you want to do a large shop, the cost is higher.

if you want to do big in Tmall, you may want to do a Juhuasuan. Juhuasuan is now a health care fee 80 thousand to 200 thousand passengers, this is a one-time investment, but also not return. The second is the deposit security, a product margin is 300 thousand, and cycle guarantee. That is to say, when the product is guaranteed by 300 thousand, the next one will be paid 300 thousand. What’s the double? Eleven also need a deposit. The money is frozen on it. What I paid most on Taobao was the 1 million 200 thousand deposit, which was frozen above Taobao. Light margin frozen 1 million 200 thousand, this for a college student or laid-off workers, entrepreneurship is a very high threshold.

, and now a personal online C2C store, will find that in the current period, the competition has been very saturated. At this point, what’s the puzzle? Who used to spell it was who woke up early, got up early, and got the talent pool. What is it now? Whose supply chain is strong?. But the reality is often that laid-off workers or just