The domain name transaction needs to choose the reliable platform

"domain name investment" has been speculation abroad raise a Babel of criticism of a well-known website recently, finishing 10 with the highest trading price in the global domain name domain name, which (18 No) for $14 million at the top of the list. At home, some time ago, Chen Yidan also paid a high price to buy domain name, it is said that the price is about 200 thousand dollars, so began to invest in sns social networking sites, and launched pk.

and said that the domain name trading market is unprecedented, but when the owners do the domain name transaction, they must choose a suitable third party transaction platform. Although each trading platform will charge a fee, but the security of the transaction is the most critical part, small investment, in exchange for the peace of mind, the security, the integrity of the third party domain name trading platform is the choice of the need to be cautious.

in May 17th at the fourth session of the annual meeting of the owners of ten year 2008-2009 domain name service provider, the CN ( won the domain name trading platform annual most owners welcome. Domain name transactions, we must choose the integrity of the third party platform. Cn is Hangzhou expo-plast company’s website, mainly to provide domain name auction, for the customer to buy the domain name, the domain name intermediary guarantees and other services. Domain name holders and domain buyers can use this platform to buy and sell, buy assured, sell at ease. Cn currently has more than 30 thousand users, the day amounted to about 300000, independent IP users reached more than 50 thousand, ranked 10 thousand in the ALEXA, plays a role in the third party guarantee domain name sale process, tracking service, to ensure effective transaction security. The matrix also owns a number of well-known in the circle of more projects, including the won the ten annual conference of the 2008-2009 webmaster most owners welcome the advertising alliance of easy advertising alliance (, the most popular game advertising community (

currently, CN domain name auction in the field has been in a leading position, for example, are hot auction domain name, the domain name auction from the end of 1 days of 8, but a few have reached more than 50 thousand, fired in the Admin5 raise a Babel of criticism of the trading forum. In the country, a digital domain name is very rare, 8 is the most auspicious number, in the remaining auction time, there will certainly be a lot of people out of higher prices, let us wait and see.

In March this year domain with 184 thousand sold at auction, which is the domain name holder commissioned gold net of public auction. Among them, there are, and so on, are more than 100 thousand of the price was taken away. The domain name auction is only one of the main business of gold net, sellers can also sold directly on the site, many domain name investors is through the domain name domain name with to sell out > page

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