Sticking is really important from the nternet to the store

I was a computer learning background, very fond of the Internet, so I graduated 06 years after the work has been related to computers and the Internet, I wrote before I do webmaster articles. But last year, Google’s advertising policy adjustments and baiduK, my biggest station, I did not go seriously to do a stand! From 07 years in October, I have been looking for projects to do. Good luck I have found that their good projects do; do before the Internet and me brother, including myself always wanted my own company; the establishment of the company under various names to pay taxes and other expenses, we have failed to register. Until we start the operation on this project.

baiduK in that my website, our collective basically every day less than before hundreds of revenue; the site was K when it is time for us to the best of our website; then several brothers joked: from the 06 years we began to do the Internet, beginning, we do not understand, not to make money, we just know a little, we can provide information and can be K to earn money, it seems that we are not suitable for the Internet, we still do traditional industries go; so the half gone.

but on the site was K during that time, our mood is very depressed; we can only do their own work; in the website is not K when we are open every day meeting to discuss the development and the development of our website. That time I was teaching; K before I came back to work as a basic website and we get together, get up early in the morning to go to work for a while; the site was K, I started the evening, all the time spent in the school and the student body; I don’t sense and brothers to play according to surface. I feel sorry for them, more than a month. We did not say a few words, until I find her — detection of indoor air purification project.


project should be the environmental protection industry, relying on real estate and decoration, I studied on the Internet a few months later, with the consent of the opinions of the people after we have decided to do this project, we put on the Internet and almost all of the remaining money wages, also looking for people to invest a part, we really dry up; we are very clear that this is different from the Internet, directly face the customer to the company. The company registered on the day, there is a brother not without emotion, wrote in QQ space, "hard for more than two years, we finally have their own business."". We five people together, the sad and helpless perhaps only the rest of us still do together three people experience the deepest; there are two friends due to various reasons left us, one of them is I really want, I know what is the reason he left, I have lost the team one of the most capable assistant, this is to blame we started too emotional, it is a lesson of blood.

When the

company was founded, everyone could imagine how difficult it was. We didn’t dare to resign together at the time. We negotiated one by one until 2008 August

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