Visitor experience decides the life and death of picture websites

I’ve been a picture station for two years. Now share your experience with pictures station. Hope to give the webmaster friends bring some benefits. From Baidu and other major search engines, search for pictures, beautiful pictures, non mainstream pictures and other websites, you will find that such sites no less than 30 thousand. Then, picture station (especially beautiful pictures) what is the reason why so fire? We can find the picture station with its large flow and high PV, good earnings, easy-to-use, become the preferred type of new webmaster do stand, the old webmaster tools for money. Because of this, led to the sudden increase in picture station.

as the saying goes, "peers are enemies," the same type of website, the more intense competition. In order to let my picture stand in front, I began to search for optimization of my picture station. The effect is obvious, ranking from the original 20 pages rose to second pages, but the flow and PV growth is not obvious. Why is it? After comparing your picture station with some better picture station, I finally found the reason – "repeat customer"".

The reason for the

problem was found, and I began to think of ways to keep visitors and make them their "repeat customers"". After I slowly grope for practice, I have found the secret of keeping visitors as my "repeat customers" – paying attention to the visitor experience. Why do you say so? Most of the pictures are similar in content and basically not original. Many webmaster are uploading pictures, change a title on the ok. Well, that makes it hard for the picture to stand on its content. Since visitors have so many choices, they will choose sites that will give them a good experience.

and how to improve the picture station user experience? According to my personal experience in picture station, summed up the following points:

1, web site to be stable, faster. The site is not stable, not only affect the search engine included, and caused serious drop right even at the same time, the entire station is K; visitors to browse your photos when the station can sometimes open sometimes not open, it is very effect on your site visitor experience. According to the characteristics of Chinese visitors, they are browsing the web for no more than 20 seconds, which requires that your home page and content page must be opened within 20 seconds. The site is slow, visitors to wait for a long time will make them feel disgusted, a let they resent the website, they are not going to go; on the contrary, the website speed, visitors on your site can be more efficient and more convenient than other web browsing images on your site, they will have a good impression, a they have a good impression of the website, they will often go to.

2, pay attention to website art. A beautiful and concise website, can give your visitors a sense of bright eyes, their mood when you browse the website of natural right, one can bring good mood to their website, they will certainly be a long time. This does not believe that your website PV is not high.

3, the structure of the site should be clear and simple, so that visitors can find them easily and quickly

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