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[Abstract] Jingdong will be on tomorrow night landing Nasdaq Stock Exchange, before this, with WeChat’s "marriage", it is difficult to say who was who. In access to WeChat mobile large flow entrance, and uplift its own valuation at the same time, Jingdong also for WeChat commercialization process to promote the best interpretation.

however, it is the electricity supplier business, WeChat is suitable for brands "sellers"? Behind this beautiful encounter, WeChat for the Jingdong, and what is the actual meaning and business


contact billion state power network many well-known traditional brands electricity supplier network brand managers, front-line traders, trying to understand the truth of WeChat commercial. In the vast majority of businesses seems, if only from the point of view of sales, WeChat does not seem to bring them much surprise and value".

business: WeChat is not really suitable for sellers

billion state power network found in communication with dozens of brand in the process, even those quite well-known brands mature line sales break billion last year, WeChat in the online, but also hundreds of thousands of sales last month.

the selection of goods is about one month a month, with a sales volume of about $200 thousand, possibly less. Micro shopping is very small, and monthly sales are below 100 thousand yuan." A traditional men’s brand electricity supplier general manager said, since the second half of 2013 began in micro shopping (WeChat and third party developers joint set up for businesses to build WAP shop), but the sales situation is not satisfactory.


"I personally feel that WeChat is not suitable for sellers. Mobile phones Taobao sales accounted for more. If I am a month sales of 30 million, 1500 from the mobile phone Taobao wandu. If the mobile phone Taobao engage in activities, mobile terminal traffic can reach 40% to 50%. On the contrary, in the WeChat side of several shopping entrance, whether it is selected goods or micro shopping, the brand is a form of links, looking for brands is very troublesome, to go down, slippery, shopping experience is very bad. And there are only one hundred or two hundred brands on WeChat, and on Taobao there are millions of businesses that can choose and compare." The electricity supplier manager bluntly, if it is the pursuit of turnover, the first choice must be mobile phone Taobao; but if it is to do brand culture promotion, WeChat’s effect may be better.

According to

billion state power network to understand, with the WeChat brand, users of the "gravity" in WeChat operating on businesses grow with each passing day, betting more and more. Earlier, just one or two operations and maintenance of a subscription number, but micro shopping, WeChat mall, Jingdong, micro stores and other electricity supplier products have emerged, it changed the importance of businesses. In order to WeChat’s sales, businesses have set up a team of 8 people, but such input-output effect is really questionable.

some outdoor sports apparel brands express to billion state power network is not too optimistic about WeChat the reason is, if considered from the perspective of ROI, social business applications.

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