Tencent Product Manager 800 million months live Tencent QQ user experience is how to do

current Tencent product manager Mr. Liu Hanyu guest PMCAFF micro class, to product managers and designers to share user experience knowledge.

tutor introduces


one, design

What is





diagram is the setting of a university’s design related specialty. First of all, its design specialty is located under Academy of Fine Arts, and the design related majors are classified as art design department, and it is divided into several directions.

many domestic design professional universities are such departments set up.

, but are these the so-called designs,


, in fact, always seems to be a bit strange when you think about it and your work experience continues to go deeper.

in fact, the design concept expressed in the above figure is more in line with the ordinary people’s understanding of the "design", that is, based on the performance level, in order to make a thing look good and do the work.

, for example:

l decoration design: to design the appearance of a room

L: graphic design layout of newspapers and magazines, where there is a word, how to map like

however, these are not the whole design.

counter example:

Deng Xiaoping is the chief architect of the reform and opening up – the design here is different from the everyday design in the narrow sense and the presentation layer.

as the chief architect of reform and opening up, he designed more concrete strategies for reform and opening up.

so, in the beginning, I want to expand the concept of "narrow design", which has been understood before, into a generalized "design". There are only two things that are summed up in all human work. One is called design, and the other is called engineering.


in today’s society, the work may be not just a single "design" or "project", it may be the two things to do. Simple understanding, all the ideas how to do, is called design, of course, can also be called planning, and all the action to do is called engineering. Before discussing the user experience, we should first establish the concept that the two words "design" contain a wide range of content, not just what the average person understands.

two, user experience,

on the user experience, the international organization for standardization has a professional definition (too academic, professional – not used).


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