How big is your heart and how broad is your stage

has not written anything for a long time. The reason is that he has been doing the work for 4 months. Although it can not be said that he has achieved it, he has at least summed up some experience in it.

repeated for two years QQ station, although once with a lot of traffic but also get a lot of benefits, but others questioned, dare not say I am a webmaster, the reason I’m not here to mention. After some internal struggle, decided to give up the QQ station and find a website between the trade station and the garbage station: mobile station. Speaking of mobile phone station, we must not be unfamiliar, because this is not an emerging industry, and now perhaps a little passive start. At that time I thought to myself how big my heart was and how big my stage could be. Because the server is insufficient bandwidth dragged several garbage station, on the purchase of a virtual space, upload the website program to buy a mobile phone related domain name and then began to add up to now the bustling about, with the 5 months of 893, PR=5 included 460 article Baidu Motorola, Motorola mobile phone and other related keywords row to Baidu home page, the day before yesterday because the space business problems cause the server to open two days, all keywords are down the right, through the above content I summed up the following points:

1. template problem: not to write their own template, with unique features, Baidu will give a good weight, as long as the quality of the content is high, the weight is the same.

2. space problems: This is critical, speed is not the fastest, but the most stable, would rather spend a few more money, do not let the space often can not open.

3. chain: The more, the better., the only way to increase the level of activity of the engine, the engine SEF (engine friendly degree) to improve. Note: applies to GG.

4. the Rezhao Links, this type of site friends hope to communicate with me our common development, as long as you can and I stand included normal site exchange links. This paper consists of ( friendship webmaster feeds. My QQ:279166639

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