For the owners who haven’t made money what type of website is the easiest to make money

many friends are concerned about this problem, I think I can not completely answer, and today by the way, I hope to attract a lot of.

1., you love to do the station. For example, I am a sports idiot, has not like sports, let me do a sports website, need a lot of energy, I know what to do,.

My friend

(he was familiar with computer maintenance management), he made a computer network knowledge, can write some articles on their own, a collection of articles also have certain recognition ability. I have a friend, and he was not engaged in site related occupation, but he love cars, do all prices network, although the site is small, but not a month or thousands of advertising revenue.

so, first of all, you have to be a favorite station to be able to have enough passion to do it,.

2. do you know the industry. If you do not understand the industry, you may need a long time to become familiar with this industry. In the beginning, you do website is blind, such as don’t know those columns should be set to.

I’ve done a lot of English learning, but always because their English is poor (not CET4), so you can’t anything original, can not be identified and changes to the collection of things, can only copy others wholly intact content. Finally, the English learning station all fell.

3. novice should avoid competition overheating of the project. A few days ago to see Baidu Search Ranking, a day down search " qq" the words up to 500 thousand times, it should be said that the site has a high flow rate, but too many people do, competition has intensified, so go to the novice do a lot of pressure.

, I suggest that novices choose the most competitive, very small, and even no special sites to do the site. Although not necessarily make money, but at least get some traffic.

4. to concentrate on a station, many people have more than one site, but for the novice, especially when the site is not profitable, established many sites means that requires more investment, not only economic aspects, as well as a more important time and energy. If you to concentrate on to do a website, generally about half of the results (gaining income or completely collapsed).

originally there are many points, such as understanding the various alliances, learning web design, accumulation of traffic and so on, but now people are very impetuous, say more, not necessarily see, say that, for the sake of.

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