Analysis and comparison of network channel operation

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data report was informed that according to the situation of most of the "OEM" of domestic manufacturing industry, are still within the traditional business model pattern, this reflects basically decided to expand the industry. By word of mouth to evolution of telephone marketing and customer visit routine, obvious is the traditional sales mode is in the current market the absolute disadvantage.

for the segmentation industry, the network market and the traditional line of comparison, mostly belong to channel operation and resource cost is good or bad. By the author of the big Dongguan region seems, along with the emergence of the Internet, SEO, B2C army, the birth of the O2O model and industry development, etc., for many traditional manufacturing market expansion seems to be close to zero.

this disadvantage is mostly reflected in the cost and efficiency of transformation within a few key customers, the following is emphasized in operation and channels, starting in accordance with the traditional manufacturing industry point of view, can be roughly as follows:

one, operational level

by the docking of online channels, it seems that most of the marketing staff can basically achieve one to many services. By the extensive characteristics of the Internet, the source of customers in a relatively accurate crowd attributes. Through a series of current database marketing, at least has met the semi automated business operation system, and then completed the corresponding personnel cost management and control.

two, channel maintenance

in accordance with past business sources, competition between industry and industry, business and business, this kind of customer channel maintenance also follows the transformation of business model into the stage of information. As a result of changes in the business model, the establishment of online channels often means a great deal of opportunities and customer markets. Unlike the high cost of traditional media, today’s network channels are far less than 1/10 of the media effect.

three, industry analysis

combined with operational channel, resource management and comparison, we find that the development mode of this, even in the development of the so-called "big" event. However, the overall situation of the industry is limited by the "28 principles" of the economy, but even so, the existing industry market intervention threshold and operating costs have dropped significantly.

in recent years, the rise of network marketing brought up a batch, "selling opportunities" and "people buy two-way development", according to the definition of boundaries between service providers and customers, it appears from the surrounding touch industry, there are certain inherent mode of traditional enterprise, whether it is the development of good planning, good internal management most of all, don’t jump outside the framework of the industry. Moreover, regardless of the customer’s orientation and view on the risk input and output assessment, what is the development?

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