8848 domain name pointing to Taobao is registered agents forgot to renew

                  perhaps the early Internet veteran of 8848 casting legend is visible before the eyes but has recently found that, the domain name is accidentally turned to Taobao, what is the matter? The event has become a hot topic of discussion today, is that the domain name changed again, there is also speculation that the expiration of the domain name has been registered, but what is the real reason? We can’t check it out.

            I have been through the search to find out a little spider, finally through the old banyan blog to find the answer.

              following the original blog: "on the 8848 old banyan to Taobao’s personal statement"

recently, I’ve been asked why 8848 turned to Taobao. My answer has always been, I don’t know. 8848, at the height of my time, I left, and since then things are not clear, this is also true.

just now, on QQ, another netizen in Singapore asked me this question. Suddenly felt that this is really a problem: should not just say, do not know, perhaps a few words. And this thing, I do not seem to explain, and no one came out to explain.

a few months ago, I got a call. He said, "Wang Zong, who I am, who, that is when you register 8848 domain name agents.". I said, "Gee, of course I remember, are you ok?". He said that I am very good, I just want to remind you that the 8848 domain name expires tomorrow, we send N email alerts a domain manager, no echo beat N, many managers left the phone, no answer. So I remember you coming. I said, "Gee, that’s the kind of thing. Thank you very much," I said immediately to the steward.

at that time late at night, I hesitated for a long time, I felt that I should not hesitate to disturb others by telephone, so I sent a short message: "please call me back whenever it is convenient.". A few minutes later, a telephone call from the United States came and said, "Lao Wang, what’s the matter?". I said, you hurry up, 8848, the domain name to expire! To renew! He said, "ah, I hasten to tell whom, who, who, thank you, thank you.".

put down the phone. I went on with my work and soon forgot about it.

I just checked on the Internet, and found that now 8848 of the domain name, WHOIS information is no longer 8848 companies (this company should still exist), but ename.com. I understand a little. According to my calculation, then this 8848 domain names or to time no renewals. Domain name registration agents in order not to let this somewhat memorable domain name from the charlatan, take the initiative to give the.

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