Circle of people nternet circle product flow test

introduction: This article can help you to provide new ideas, but to the site to do the traffic put fine timber to petty use.

the Internet to be combined with the reality of traditional product sales, the foundation will be more stable; people concern their motivation; problems can begin, to continue to improve; seize the key network nodes multiplier.



I was in 2012, opened a QQ group, the first batch of traffic, I was in Ali’s mother’s orange collar school, message box, wrote a sentence of advertising. Thank you for sharing, the tutorial is good, and I hope to share with you. And then send QQ group number.

slowly came one or two people, and the group asked me: "no one," I said. "Wait, I’ll come soon."."

the purpose of my quick response to the group is to enliven the existing crowd and leave the atmosphere alone, or else he will be leaving.

sure enough, one day after another about four or five people, is to find yourself in the group can use "knowledge resources". These children’s shoes, some diving cock wire, there is observation of your group, playing many new people will be very polite, start talking, you have to do is talk to these active people, affecting divers. Even if the diver continues diving, he has begun to pay attention to you.

Most of the

members are new to Taobao, and I’ve read a few lines of code at Taobao forums, and my level is probably a little better than they are. But that’s enough to share with them.

I used BBflash to record the basics of the site, including basic knowledge and how to upload it. How to build video like that?. I was exhausted, sleeping, and wondering what to share with them. It also let me know, before doing promotion, must first simple infrastructure structure of resources. A group member is the one who helps you improve the rules. Here are two examples.

this group of dozens of people, in the process of communication, they slowly trust me. Because at that time in a Internet Co to work, sell space what?. The purpose of Taobao guest group, I know from their conversation, want to do your own website, this is demand. But I didn’t recommend my space. I recommend some famous ones and then say "yes", but it’s expensive. I also have cheap Hongkong space…

I also changed the Pinphp Taobao custom template, template relative to other people, the feeling is more beautiful, called sevi2.2, Wei astringent version 3 also changed a forum, they should have.

is a fake Taobao web shop style, because of her female taste shop design suitable, so the subject is nice, the network is now run to QQKTV, when loaded into the show and she and her friend photos, pretty is the capital, history.

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