A brief discussion of several reasons for website to obtain high PR value

recently updated the PR value, some friends found that some pages of less web sites or blogs have a good PR value. One of my new sites, one of which has no real content, has also risen to http://s.mm915.com/bbs (PR2). Of course, this PR value is not high, but taking into account the content of the site only a few articles, seems to be in line with the above phenomenon, that is, fewer pages, updates are less, but won a higher PR value. What’s the reason for this,



I’ve summed up a few reasons.

first, the PR value, according to the site to determine the chain, the chain can lead to more PR value rise. My forum basically does not have the friendship link. Because it is a sub directory of the main station. I think it is because there are relationship between master station and each column to the PR value of the PR value, so the relative forum PR value is also improved.

two is a search engine that considers relatively few pages with higher authority. This also seems to be understandable, things to dilute the expensive ah.

three is the usual period of no updates page, the search engine that web pages need to modify the place is relatively small, more accurate information.

of course, go to the website of less research, why have a good PR value, it is better to study a web page more how to raise the PR value. Although many people now say that PR is useless, but in fact, the PR value or played some reference role. The PR value is high, naturally there is a high reason, for Google, this does not because of special reasons to give you high PR value, always through the algorithm to determine your PR value. It is better to learn our experience than to guess.

PR value of the increase, should be related to the following content:

is original content,

two is the construction of the chain

three is content to meet the needs of users (also meet the needs of search engines)

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