How do birds do a plant net monthly income of million

open QQ this morning, the trumpet of a flashing one by one, after that, roughly calculated more than 30 friends with me, it is really the stationmaster net influence is large enough, an article can let me know so many people, I have


OK, the book reformed, many of my friends asked plant network can become bigger, such as full-time to do, can break through 2000 yuan per month this number? Here, I can only say that I have no more than that now, because I was in his spare time to do a lot of things, can not be timely to carry out, but the future will definitely exceed this number and I have confidence! I will specifically how to build its own plant network, how to get more profit through factory net? Incorrect please friends point out correct, this is what I do the whole process plant network.

1. registered a domain name and a fast rent space. Do not need to plant network domain name is too short, as long as remember it; such as the Tianjin plant network can use, can be used to the Nanjing plant network and so on, whether it is CN or com, you can choose, I have used two stations now is CN, did not find friends about the Baidu CN exclusion phenomenon there.

2. prepares a program. This set of procedures is true to sex better, take CMS change to how much will be a little can not meet, suggest to rewrite or buy ready-made procedures, buy the most convenient, spend two hundred or three hundred dollars, save time and effort, can be used.

3. ready, start operation. The website has just started, the information is not too many, this is not difficult, looks for the local classification information network and so on, has copied some, has filled the homepage, will give the human’s feeling, is your website has the content, some people look. Half a month or a month to do some web sites and local Links, if you have other stations, and PR is relatively high, you can take this link to change plant network, after all the new exchange links generally do not give others.

4., do a good job site SEO, in this respect I will not say, and many articles are written quite well, I was in the webmaster online to see their own assessment of the incompletely.

5. after a period of development, the website should be released information, well, don’t make money, free of charge to help the information recommendation to the obvious position, so that they can maximize the transaction, to make them feel your site is good, have the effect. So establish a reputation, so that they free of charge in the industry to help you spread it.

6, you can consider charging after three months of operation. This charge is the same as the way I wrote it the day before yesterday. I’ll charge you 100 yuan for a fee. If you make a big amount this month, the income will be OK. I can get more than 20 messages per month at the present time. Some foreign or small factory rental, free of charge on the free of charge, the general larger plant rental is to resolutely charge, there is time to call and talk to them in the past, to promote the feasibility of charges.

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