How to make 2700 monthly website full range of doubts

many grassroots webmaster make money early is very difficult, I also come from the grassroots! Now there has been income, and the daily surge! Here, take time to write an article for everyone,


1, domain name

a theme, a website, a keyword, a website. The domain name must be selected, and the theme and content, website traffic is 2, the first is the Baidu GOOGLE search engine traffic, second points, is to remember your name, the next time to visit, if the domain name is not good to remember, you will certainly lose a part of the flow of


2, space

now I have know that space determines the fate of the site, in June 2nd, Chinese name buy space server is attacked, resulting in the afternoon can not access the site, from morning to noon has 1053 IP, a short afternoon did not. Caused by the problem: 1., customers can not access, advertising can not be promoted, this is not very important. 2. search engines cannot be updated, causing the site weight is reduced,… Many keywords are from the first row to… Now I have changed all the space


3, station group software

said we all know the topic, in order to enhance the website weight, Baidu ranking, must be frequently updated, but the owners are fighting alone, that day tens of thousands of published articles? On the other hand, want to let search engines tens of thousands of pages, the premise is to have tens of thousands of web pages. Therefore, the webmaster must buy the station group software, according to a keyword extends a web site. I bought a knight stand group.

4, Baidu GOOGLE ad

After all the

is ready, apply for Baidu and GOOGLE advertising.

key: Baidu advertising does not have the domain name, to me several times for the experience of artificial audit, they will comprehensive look at the quality of your web site, such as the plumpness, whether there is illegal information flow, the chain and so on… The application, if not through will prompt! According to the quality prompt follow up website. Apply for a few times to be able to apply for down. Baidu advertising is bound to the domain name, and if you put your Baidu ads on other people’s Web site, click on it is not RMB. GOOGLE advertising demand better feeling, 6 months after the domain name registration, and no illegal information, the last time I submitted a, what is the website encoding is not allowed, do not understand!! but there is also a shortcut, you can directly buy a GOOGLE account on Taobao, 10-30 yuan can buy one. In addition GOOGLE can be put on any website advertising.

ranking explains: knives, many people do GOOGLE advertising (GOOGLE ADSENCE) all say how many knives they earned, because the dollar dollar similar to Chinese knife.

how to take money: Baidu


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