2015 media circles those who rely on advertising to make money in the nternet is king

Google advantage can not shake, Baidu and CCTV for second consecutive years selected 30 strong.

according to the recent dissemination of the strength of the "2015 global thirty media owners" report: Google’s advertising revenue than the second ranked 136% higher than Disney, last year this figure was 115%. Its advertising revenue even exceeds the total advertising revenue of second and third (cable operator Kang Custer).

The strength of the

report from the French advertising giant Publicis Groupe’s media group, the agency since 2007 released "global thirty media", ranked according to the main media advertising revenue, showing the main global media in size and the bargaining power of the situation, reflects the status of the media in the field of marketing the.

is listed as follows:

mobile consumer electronics of the growth of Google in the core area of search, consumers in the mobile terminal to search and view the content whenever and wherever possible, especially the line consumers use Google to search for parity, the push Google display advertising to reach target audiences and create more opportunities.


for the same reason, Baidu’s advertising revenue last year also grew by 43%, the top 30 growth rate of second fastest media (first Facebook). As of October 2014, Baidu accounted for 80% of the China Mobile search market, and 90% of Baidu users from the mobile terminal.

2013 is considered to be mobile Internet advertising inflection point, the strength of the dissemination is expected in 2016, mobile advertising revenue will reach $45 billion, accounting for about 28% of online advertising, accounting for 7.6% of all advertising. This means that the mobile network will be more than radio, magazines and outdoor advertising, becoming the fourth major media.

, another big trend is emerging digital media and advertising market is developing rapidly, the traditional media and new media share has been eroded in the global scope, and digital advertising share more and more concentrated on a few platforms.

list of the five pure Internet media: Google, Facebook, Baidu, YAHOO and Microsoft, the total advertising revenue of $71 billion, accounting for 68% of the global digital advertising revenue last year, it was 67%.

nonetheless, they are also faced with the challenges and challenges of innovators. "Although some emerging market media owners are facing short-term challenges in expanding their business, we expect more from emerging markets in the coming years," said Jonathan Barnard, director of the division of power transmission forecasting

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