A practitioner analysis Restaurant takeaway O2O website can be listed


the two O2O model are discussed on the noise and dust, especially food and beverage industry, from 2010 to the outbreak of now, the major Internet Co are actively seeking, the author is engaged in the takeaway industry for several years of history, witnessed a well-known food takeaway platform from creation to grow as a leader in this field, there are some feeling and we hope to share.

we take food and beverage delivery platform classified into the field of O2O, which is light electricity providers, and then emboldened the electricity supplier, and unlike the traditional electricity supplier, it has obvious regional restrictions. In fact, there have been a lot of peers, are robbed of this market, indicating that the market is very popular. I believe we grab at the same time also reflects on the following issues: takeaway platform can do? Do the people take out with a website? What may be listed? I think this is certainly all issues of concern to investors.

fast food takeaway industry analysis

fast food takeaway has the following features:

1, transforming existing users rather than developing new ones. A regional range, there are no people take food (such as Zhongguancun), not with a web site after the order to take out of this demand, even if there is no website, the phone reservation is still flourishing. People in this area don’t eat takeout, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a takeaway website or not. A takeaway website is going to have to go to one of the most successful takeaway restaurants in the country to open up a new market. Otherwise, the value of takeaway sites can’t be achieved. In fact, the emergence of takeaway ordering website is just the people’s telephone ordering habits into online ordering, and can not solve the number of orders brought to the merchant, it can not solve the new needs for businesses. Only when all the takeaway users in a region do not want to order by phone, the implication is that everyone is familiar with and accepted online ordering, it is possible to bring new tourists to these restaurants around. If a website goes to an area, people in this area don’t have the habit of taking out. The significance of the site in the local is not big.

2, takeout users are demanding. Take out the first people do not have the cooking conditions, such as the office of the white-collar workers and college students, so take out in these two places have more market (with the logistics team website is specially prepared for the later analysis, residential users). To hungry the website, for example, starting from the University as a starting point, has now covered 7 cities in key colleges and universities. Secondly, people who take out food have a certain economic base, and these people dare to try new things. People with these conditions tend to be concentrated in first tier cities.

3, user stickiness is obvious. Once the user’s takeaway habits, possibility of the user to replace the takeaway website will be very small, unless there is some non-human great changes of non resistance, such as the relocation, demolition and other office buildings.

4, regional attributes harsh. Take Beijing, Zhongguancun, for example. The restaurant on the east side of Zhongguancun Avenue doesn’t take Zhongguancun

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