Ask stationmaster what is the website doing

every day to see this site webmaster discussion, recently also has a little bit of sentiment, always feel want to say something, today on essay writing.

with the advent of the Internet era, more and more friends on the Internet, where many people where there are opportunities, a classic the same philosophy, made a website how much money the excitement in the XX who, so most of my friends have hundreds of tickets! Dream to join the industry to do stand long.

In fact, when

to each other are very confused, there are a lot of problems do not know, just a dream one day to make a hao123 or Hua Jun software Niubi stand out, but it was too little, less and less, and the previous path are not, how study on technology and advertising? Cheating cheating, brush flow, improve Alexa ranking, a Trojan virus, on the acquisition, desperately SEO website optimization, the result is trash or garbage station, because you did not find their own way, others users of your station has no demand.

I have two friends, they also made two of their own website, called a "Doug house" free movie network (a hundred advertising revenue monthly fee, also called a "first gold net" the website is specialized in the field of gold investment. There is no advertising fee, but the investment income from customers is several times as much as that of the bean House website, and the business is still developing. The former is his own hard work, a little bit of standing, but visitors are also in a hurry, to go in a hurry, was some temptation to link in, found that the goods are wrong, immediately cross the fork to go. The latter is a professional targeted site, the first is to do their own station to do a beginning, but most of the latter is to spend money to let others design to optimize, and the harvest is real.

why are the differences between pay and the difference so great? Let’s go in and have a look. Then ask yourself in the heart, what kind of website do I belong to,

?In fact, we do

for what? Is it bigger in order to attract venture capital? Or for personal preferences? Or the pursuit of a piece of code written or changed to display correctly after website to bring their own pleasure?

I think the webmaster will understand that this is a first person effort of the industry, how many times the test page after midnight 2, second days have rubbed his eyes and go to work at 7 o’clock. In the forum, Baidu desperately search source program, in the mass of garbage inside search for one or two pieces, can also use the junk, in fact, are used by others, do not. Wake up and finally understand, in fact, do this site, the establishment of the site is not the purpose, but through the website platform to realize the reality of business revenue. So I urge again to never regret the webmaster, not in order to make the site and web site, we are in business and website, if the website promotion can be achieved through your career, OK, you can ask a professional company to the website or the purchase of professional business process is enough, take time and energy management on the site instead of.

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