Humanistic care of webmaster management

website, maintenance, update, promotion is a very complicated project, the middle of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only we owners own experience, if only by a person’s ability to manage the website construction is a very difficult thing, the webmaster will pre organized your team early in the site are as for the team, because the scale of station varies, how to manage their own team for webmasters and web site is crucial, the webmaster team is not only the vitality of the site, is the source of power to promote the site to move forward, and then the webmaster if still blindly to ignore the spirit of teamwork, brute courage, oversight team the management, it is easy to cause the website "insufficient" phenomenon, the webmaster and share a little management experience, hope that we can together is exciting.

humanistic care

humanism originated from the Western tradition of humanism, the core concept of humanistic care is certainly human nature and value, both in human and human mental activities including the meaning of radical is closely related, it is a kind of physical deeper spiritual life care activities.

case stories

this is what I see in a magazine story, the story is generally content like this, there is a young people to start their own companies, early start because many factors such as environment, money, he could not open the ideal salary to attract talent, not for employees ", but his feed on illusions." handsome appearance and meticulous staff of humanistic care, attracting employees "heart", gathered a group of fans for their hell-bent employees, to employees dress to employees with the scent, the young people are clear in mind, and timely show his humanistic care in the staff, this is for these two years no overtime, no salary, workload has been increased…… The employees still regrets follow the young people, as he traveled.

the use of humanistic care

from the above story we can see that the young people to humanistic care using this management method with ease, make any promise for employees in no way, but also firmly seize the hearts of the staff, this is the power of humanistic care. From the management, humanistic care is a derivative of state enterprise culture, it can not only give employees spiritual comfort, it can also help managers to better cohesion, leadership and management team, and the webmaster and how to apply humanistic care? In fact, starting point of each station are not the same, the webmaster the size of the team is no different, small to three people, to three thousand or four thousand people head of the team is there, the webmaster should be based on their team size, according to local conditions, the formulation of humanistic care It differs from man to man. strategy, team members in large scale, can proceed from the company incentives, the team scale is small, the webmaster they can personally do some humanistic care for employees. And I also for grassroots webmaster friends, my own personal experience to give the following suggestions:

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