Golden wrong knife micro innovation killer’s three key features

"micro killers" everywhere, whether Internet Co (such as aging VANCL), or individuals (Bruce Lee), or products (Sina, micro-blog), and very traditional companies (Nordic Airlines).

if innovation is compared to rowing, "micro innovation" is like a single boat, fast and sharp; and "micro killer" is a multi kayak, faster and more sustainable, that is, "very fierce, very durable."".

micro innovation is so tough, so not every tiny surge high and sweep forward, but can become a "micro killer"". It is only when a "slight" innovation creates the potential value to the greatest extent that it can be called "success", which we call a "micro – killer".

is not easy to become a micro killer, it has the following key features:

, the key "small" must lead to big changes in the market.

is not every "tiny" can become "micro killer", in fact, there are many small innovation and did not make big reaction, quickly by the market annihilation. Only the "little" which has great consequences and impacts is a killer. There are N key "small" behind any successful organization and individual".

some small innovations can even bring "nonlinear" storms. "Nonlinear" change is a concept of Intel founder Andy grove most frequently mentioned. As quoted a concept in physics to describe the difference between "linear" and "nonlinear" strategy. If the effect of a company’s strategic actions only changes its competitive position rather than the whole environment, the action is linear. On the contrary, non-linear strategic action will change the environment, and the company and its competitors must cope with this change.

to see the difference, you can imagine the difference between mixing a bowl of water and mixing a bowl of cream. If you stir a bowl of water, the water will spin, and the harder you use it, the faster it turns – but it’s still water. Instead, if you stir it with a bowl of cream, it gets thicker and turns to butter, and it gets harder and harder to stir, makes you feel more tired, and finally has to slow down. Actions change the environment; the changing environment affects the next move.

VANCL – from 0 to 1 billion 500 million, it took only 3 years.

Bruce Lee – his 4 films have created box office myths and created Kung Fu movies.

, Sina, and micro-blog – more than half a year – have created a killer product that has created nonlinear changes.

Nordic Airlines – in just one year, Nordic Airlines made $20 million from a loss of $80 million.

The godfather of the

micro killer is application innovation, adept at detonating energy from users.

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