Know play the game network is how to develop

1, a group of Editors (this is not hard to elaborate).

1.1, pay attention to the construction of the forum.

2, a crisis broken axe.

3, after the slowdown, seize the opportunities for client tools and web products.

(05~06) Warcraft

did the Warcraft zone first and accumulated a certain popularity base.

but a year later, development has encountered a bottleneck. Traffic is not up, the first investment of money to spend.

(06~08) after a broken axe barbaric growth

this is the "crisis moment" mentioned above, when Li Xueling decided to change the strategy of "single zone" and transform it into "multi zone" mode. If you can’t do it, take the parcel and leave. At that time, each editor himself claimed a game, built a zone, free development. Since then, play the game network also entered a period of barbaric growth stage. At that time, the most successful is the "swordsman" area, which is now more network editor Zhang Qi fan did.

, there is an episode in the middle, because of the success of the martial arts world, attracted the attention of the perfect world, has proposed a ten million dollar acquisition, but failed.

, which indirectly led to another episode, one of the founders, Zhang Yunfan and part of the backbone of the Exodus, created the 178 game network (perfect world investment). This is the internal network play in a very long period of time is very hostile to 178 reasons.

(08~10) CEO Li Xueling slowed down

after heart and heart input YY

during this period, play along the prior model, do. After savage growth, growth slowed.

tried to other social platforms (Home Forum play) development failed, this time for 10 years to 11 years and even appeared downturn.

(11~12) once again seize the opportunity to enter the two explosive growth,

accurately grasped the client tools and opportunities for web products, ushered in the second outbreak of growth. From the beginning of the 11 year invested a great technical force developed a series of boxes (play game AIDS) and a number of products have achieved great success, especially in the "box" and "hero alliance Gallery". These products bring exponentially to more net flow.

although the rapid growth, but still along the train of thought in the past, the focus is still inseparable from the zone, the tool is also successful as an area.

has to be provided separately, the construction of the network to play more games cannot do without the success of community forum. Her greatly improves the user stickiness is also greatly increased the original content website.

PS: some of the so-called growth and regression are

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