Small talk about the second step of SNS reasons for subdividing SNS success

Red Eagle campus network is built by UCHOME, and UCHMOE to build a website on the function is basically the same, so how to use these same functional areas attract our users to polymerization our user, to the user as the purpose of the spirit of the park, in the "small talk SNS first step: SNS website the vitality of", has been outlined.

Compared to the

website and boomy QQ space, on the whole is not competitive, but the rise, from SNS site in Changxin, we can analyze the reason of unbeaten subdivision of the success of SNS. Friendship, a strong link, the students are a period of time, but friendship is a lifetime.

I’m also a registered member of Renren, and a fan of QQ space. But I visit Renren almost every day, and even visit Renren 3 or 4 times every day. I visit Renren because my friends are in the mood, photos and logs, and I focus on their dynamics. I know them through Renren, and I don’t see their information in QQ space.

secondly, subdividing SNS can recognize more friends in the same trade and city. I can get to know my classmates from university through renren. And personally, my attention in QQ space is generally the mood of most college, high school and junior high school students. That is to say, I can only contact my classmates through QQ space. But most of the time, we need more connections to help us grow. Your junior high school students, high school students may now have engaged in all walks of life work, distributed in the motherland north and south. But a friend who helps you in the short term may be in your profession and can be your teacher. May be in the same city, can help you open up in the local network. So subdivision SNS is to gather such people, 5G gathered IT industry talents, want to know IT talents go there. They are all college students. They want to know more college students and go to school generally. Of course I want to know the student of Ningbo Dahongying University, can go to the school network there are Red Eagle, is our college students, everyone is better than the fabric set, also fit more school activities.

is so SNS website is to seize market segments, to fill the QQ space and other SNS sites can not meet the regional agglomeration, several more have the same characteristics of the user, let users make more hope to make friends, have a strong friendship link, so the site will be life and growth in nature.

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