Promote the website to use three hearts carefulness patience and common sense

after the website home page snapshot has been stuck in the two weeks ago, then according to the previous experience of the chain, just do a lot of effect is not good, until a few days ago and found a lot of BBS signature was not included into the chain, do not know because the cause of the Forum account number or Baidu included anyway, feel to do so outside the chain of my website little effect. A simple analysis of the chain composition, can roughly draw the growth of the chain is mainly composed of soft Wen, there is almost no forum signature, is through the chain query, get the conclusion, which continue to do the chain in accordance with those recognized outside the chain, today finally let the page snapshot occurs within a week.

have to say, carefully observe the search engine’s temper is very important, the chain of each site which have their own characteristics, and may be web site time, within the chain how much of a relationship, so do not according to the experience of others to do the chain, the chain to check their website authorized to do so, to improve the speed of the chain will be faster.

after this little incident, I thought about promoting the website with three hearts: carefulness, patience and common sense.

first is careful, and now Baidu’s algorithm is easy to change, if only in accordance with the previously compiled by others to promote the site, then it is likely to be difficult to achieve results. Like some people often through a lot before posting to the rapid increase of the chain, now Baidu inquires the chain will appear similar results, I probably looked under the chain with a forum included only once, the other seems to have similar results, each site is different, but the weight in general similar results may be reduced, thus forcing us to increase the chain widely degree, not just the forum signature. If you do not carefully find the changes in these details, then continue to do the effect of the chain may not be very good.

apart from carefulness, patience is also necessary. Promotion website is not two days a day to complete, and this often takes a long time to have effect, in general, one or two months in order to allow the site to obtain relatively stable rankings and natural flow. If your website is not prepared to make a profit from short-term profits, then slow fire is necessary. Website promotion that simple is not simple, should consider the construction site within the chain, the chain, a little attention may annoy search engine; that is also not difficult, almost all day to repeat the same thing, post, look for Links, leaving a message, write soft paper, writing teaching process, which is roughly such things. Therefore, to achieve sustained development of the site, patience is essential, and if you do not have patience, adhere to the promotion, and fall by the wayside will only make you nothing.

besides, doing a website should also have a common mind. What is ordinary mind? In brief, it is to learn to be calm. Now the network is really true and false, many news, how do not let yourself be confused by these messages, is every webmaster should learn. For example, there is a monthly brush IP news, you can easily access your site

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