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into the network marketing college that day, my study, life and blog firmly bolt together, learning basic technology of network marketing, I learned to set up a blog, have their own network marketing platform. After that, I have been writing articles as the main marketing tool. As far as success is concerned, I don’t know whether I am successful or not. Have you had any success before?

I think of myself as a blogger, and blogs now rely on blogs of their own. Each finished article, went to the Sohu, Sina, network owners and other major portals, community forums, blog post submission, usually adding relevant keywords in each article with a link to your blog, internodes for my blog to do publicity, is a free marketing means


, an independent domain name blog, is itself a tool platform, a small site. I understand blog marketing as a marketing tool and promotion tool built on the blog platform. I know it’s going to be tough when it starts, because no one knows you and your blog, nobody knows you and your articles, and doesn’t pay attention to your blog or your articles. Do not spend money advertising, do not search engine PPC, blog flow come from?


do not spend money, naturally there is no way to spend money, of course, there are ways to spend money. No money will naturally make you tired. It’s boring. Blog marketing is a very important means of marketing in the marketing of the network, and if successful, the effect will be very obvious, very good! Many foreign enterprises in the early paid attention to the influence of blog, the blog is not only a personal network as tools, is a network marketing tool.

read – write Jeremy Wright "blog marketing", I gradually understand the foreign understanding of blog marketing, apparently at home, many owners, many entrepreneurs have not paid much attention to the network marketing, not to mention the blog marketing. Blog marketing is really a valuable book. I can not only get a general understanding of blog marketing, but also help me solve most of the problems in the actual work of blog marketing.

The first thing

builds on a blog platform is, of course, the location of your blog, such as what you want to write, what readers you want to provide, and so on. Naturally, it is necessary to prepare a marketing plan for your blog. These can be based on Russia’s own interests and target audience, which does not go into details.

The following is a summary of my

ten P’s blog marketing success (Note: the words in this paper is how to succeed by writing articles for my blog attracted traffic, spend less time, less money, success to attract more people to pay attention to your blog, to bring more traffic to your blog


familiar with blog

‘s blog here is an independent domain name blog, not Sina, Sohu and other blogs. >

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