Talent online promotion method

to write this article, just talk about personal views, words not too strict, hope to provide some useful experience to do talent station friends, also hope that the veterans who don’t mind.

believe that ninety-nine percent of the webmaster, are counted as grassroots, and grassroots, ninety-nine percent are struggling.

from Shenzhen to Hunan back home in Yiyang, to assist the family manages a small computer training school (in AD: Xiaoyu Yiyang computer school of art www.yydnys.com), in the arrangement of students’ employment, most of them are delivered to Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places, sometimes in order to arrange a civilian, will bring the students East West, so he wanted to be a talent website at home to local students to digest.

Yiyang talent network was born, single handedly fighting, waiting for Baidu’s favor.

in August 2007, my first talent online line, before the mainland has two talent nets, in the first place of development is very strong, how can surmount them, has become my daily thinking question. Each of the following small details, perhaps, is why I am in front of them today.

1, do landscaping: each frame, small pictures, try to do with the overall match, as far as possible using small pixel images, do not do animation (prevent IE open when the page stuck), to ensure that visitors speed.

2, and all kinds of city and city talent friendship link, of course, the weight should be biased to the province, the field link to do more, not necessarily good. While doing the link, I also know that I have made part of like-minded friends.

3, good customer service work, meet the related calls, QQ consultation, e-mail consultation, all carefully reply, this is a very important point, by the way can also through the customer, inquired about their recruitment habits, as well as to the local talent website contrast views, to improve their own websites and services.

4, and other local industry website. By this way, the use of common development, and the local site, put idle in other advertising on the website, if possible, can use the mom into small price such as advertising.

5, through the production of enterprise sites for customers, attached to the links in our links, let the chain more. At the same time, I wish also a mode where live webmaster, I hope you live a happy life (now the individual stationmaster basically is for customers to do station life, use the money to operate their own websites, there is little hope).

6, the use of network relations, the development of local Adsense League QQ group, Adsense annual meeting. Expand the station’s influence and popularity.

7, take the time to call the hiring company, or call back, establish good relationships and retain customers.

8, meet appropriate recruitment information, call the people concerned about the requirements, in time

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