What kind of article is suitable for network promotion

network promotion, it is means there are tricks one after another, either way, has its admirable, in many promotion means, I only have a special liking to the promotion of soft, the most favored! Of course, this does not mean I don’t care about the other way, just the first dragon the wolf, the king, personally think that in many promotion means, the promotion of soft role should be ranked first.

may have friends to see this view when, or greatly dissatisfied, denounced as heresies, but today only a paper of their own views, not to discuss the promotion of soft paper ranked in the network promotion problems, only talk about what kind of articles for network promotion.

what kind of article is suitable for network promotion,


, I think, at least let people have the urge to look down, see the title to click in view of what impulse, for this, we have to admire learning a great party, the party capable of title to, let a person see the title, is unable to stop, the burning burning curiosity of the soul.

although after the event, must shout: title party, see title party again, can see, a suitable for network promotion article, must have a good title, even if for the "party"!


good title is half of success, but if the content is empty, not the cause of the interest of others, will soon sink the desert in the vast network of the sea, all the content must be full and verve, as if the soul of man.

of course, the human soul is different, the article is also true, individuals on the article content is divided into three major categories:

: the first cause disputes triggered, hobbies, people are born good ride habits, this point since Mr. Lu Xun’s remarkable, "beheaded" the bloody, but can also provoked Street roadway, the vice versa.

second: the content of dreams, ambiguous, pornography is intolerable, ambiguous is evocative of


third: professional bright, admittance, say others can not say something


meets the above, and naturally it will be a suitable article for promotion.

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