Red page color matching recommendation and text color match


red is a popular choice in web design, while red is divided into very many red ones, such as vermilion and crimson…… And how do these different "red" match? Which colors can be set off to make them more harmonious and attractive,


one. Vermilion

Zhu red is the traditional color Chinese name, Zhu Hong is cinnabar color than red (R:255 G:0 B:0) more lively, enthusiastic, color purity is higher, there are other color ink, Dan said.

red, because of its obvious characteristics, is very easy to make people feel excited, often used in food, promotions, festivals, fashion, leisure and other types of web pages.

the best collocation color: black, red, orange recommended, yellowish brown, light green, dark green.

web design collocation scheme recommended: the main color is dark brown (R:200 G:0 B:0), the auxiliary color is black (R:0 G:


0 B:0), color dotting is white, red background color collocation (R:240 G:65 B:85).

analysis: Red + Black + white

red in red saturation and value are very high, used in web pages will be particularly prominent, auxiliary color black contrasts with red, on the eye-catching red, can also be prominent in the scarlet pattern (picture), and the color white dotting is mainly used in navigation or logo. And the whole page to make it more vivid.

two. Crimson

deep red brightness compared to the big red brightness is low, but this kind of color with brightness dimming, can make deep or sad atmosphere. Give a sedate and noble, mature and passive visual experience.

deep red, if used as a background color, can be compared with the previous picture, as well as light text, there is a clear distinction between, you can highlight the main text center.

the best collocation color: black, orange, brown recommended, brown

web design collocation scheme recommended: the main color is dark brown (R:60 G:0 B:8) auxiliary color is black, the color is pure white eye, the background color is dark red (R:145 G:0 B:17).

analysis: deep red + Black + white

deep red is on the big red foundation to reduce brightness, income, deep red, because the brightness of the reduction, giving a deep, noble, calm psychological feelings. The auxiliary color black often plays a coordinating role, making the picture more harmonious. White as the color is more dotting, let the main highlight, such as advertisement, product name.

three. Rose red


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