My movie station’s seven promotional tips

is the first to introduce my movie station program, popular on the market of Marx is the main film program and search a movie program, most of them use the two film program, but I chose Marx because of his program program is simple and easy to understand, more functions and practical, but also most do choose the movie station, okay I turn now to the point.

now take my 500 movie, for example, to tell me how I promoted my 500 movie:

1. first page on your website structure optimization, site classification clear, such as the South Korean drama Japanese drama the two most people love classification into day drama, so that users find movies up some inconvenient, movie clutter, recommendations Japanese TV drama Korean TV drama category to keep users quickly and easily find what they want the movie.

2. web site in the advertising must choose good advertising, not to put on the first movie website home page pops up, because this will be users mistakenly believe that the website has a virus so it will not come to you in the website, select ads to choose some users love, such as some games, try not to put deceptive advertising.

3. Baidu promotion, many people love to Post Bar Baidu know promotion, although there is good promotion effect to the IP, but with a bit of Baidu is the most stringent management of a forum, as long as you don’t need hair. About 5 minutes, you will be blocked in the domain of meters inside, choose Baidu promotion the user should pay attention to, I have to answer the questions according to the user posts a day to answer a few not every day in the BAIDU hair too many links.

4. introduced above is in Baidu promotion, but due to the strict management to get traffic from Baidu Post Bar know it is not easy, there is a better place is QQ new SOSO, SOSO and Baidu are the same with the search bar and I often ask, propaganda edge here in my 500 movie at present, because the SOSO management is not strict, free web sites, but the proposal or according to user questions, give users the best answer, such as you are some questions to ask the movie movie network classification to answer users, as long as you answer the user’s questions can make your site address concurrency in the inside, from the general will not have the opportunity to be deleted user adoption is a satisfactory answer.

5. blog, SINA blog is Baidu included the fastest general published 5 minutes included, and Baidu blog is very good, although not the blog propaganda effect is very good, but the time that can be effective for your site to increase the stability of the chain.

6. can find some web site online, to submit your web site, of course they are required in your station connected to their site, IP is not very high for others in Links many people don’t like for you, such as the web site to change, many of which are submitted. As long as the IP point will be automatically included in the site.

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