Talk about websites from the perspective of ordinary users what kind of user experience do they purs

as a senior average Internet user, I would like to talk about what websites I like from an ordinary perspective, which is the user experience problem. The content of the website is not what I control, I just talk about other things.

1, domain name

I’m going. What’s the domain name to talk about?. Maybe I’m obsessive, but the domain name sometimes really is an important reason why I don’t like this site.

first, suffix is CN and net website I don’t love, a feeling of direct neither fish nor fowl came to my mind, com is my first choice., I don’t know what Sina thinks.

secondly, the domain name is best consistent with the English alphabet, and don’t make a mess of things. For example,, this is what Dongdong? These 001 look bad, such a web site is not worth mentioning. Happy nets don’t grievance say what, Chen Yizhou has already registered, you change another also can.

2, color

I firmly believe that the Internet should be blue color, what red ah, yellow ah, pink ah, all kinds of Kavai’s color is a rogue. Of course, I say blue is a bit extreme. I mean the color of the website should be cool, so it’s not too bright. Too bright colors make me wonder about the taste of the website.

so, the four major portals, I usually go to Tencent and NetEase, followed by Sina, almost without Sohu. Shopping site, I will use Jingdong, deep tone, people feel that this is at least a bit of grade shopping malls, and Dangdang that green, people feel alive, a grocery store. Taobao mall original yellow is not very good, but the revision all day long after the cat deep red, it seems a lot of mature atmosphere. And the pink of happy net and the blue sky of everybody net, I do not say much, but always feel color is the small and small cause that causes everybody to exceed happy network.

3, logo

I take Baidu, Sogou as an example.

actually, I feel that the two search engine’s search results are similar, but I prefer Baidu, not Baidu that bear like logo have many good-looking, but Sogou too ugly, in imitation of Google? Five colorful, alive and kicking. It’s like trying to give people a cool feeling, but I think it’s more like trying to be cute. This search and Google did well, and Bing was fine.

4, navigate

The arrangement of

navigation is a question. Should it be arranged in a neat way or at random? It’s all right. Pinterest’s waterfall stream and windows8’s blinds are nice. It’s random beauty. Tmall’s column ranking and Tencent rank ranking is also good, this is a neat beauty. But Sohu says I can’t read it. The mess is so confusing that I can’t find it

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