Webmaster readme how to save a gas forum

The concept of a

forum, in the multimedia appeared, it has long fade out of our field of vision, electricity traders already did not love to discuss how to build the forum, how to do marketing, and that some of the limelight, are turning to micro-blog, WeChat, media marketing and so on more ing words.

as Huaqiang electronic network forum small "webmaster" with you today to ask the electronic forum about a traditional industry, how to operation and maintenance. Let me first talk about some of the experience in the Management Forum:

one, small website, big service

Before taking over the forum,

, we have always been a big website and a small service, and later we wanted to understand. In fact, we should respect small websites and big services. Simply put, is the choice of forum theme too wide, the plate did not pile up control, but for users, except through a post in, otherwise, the user enters the forum, also don’t know what you can get from this website. Then, we formulate the integral reform, implementation of the points system, with some cut plate, focus on the forum, whether it is in fact become a technical forum, or information forum or interactive forum, as long as the depth enough, can enemy in a hundred, not every day watching, looking forward to how can we go to the traffic.

two, value-added service new window

forum, is a platform to ZhengZhan the most flexible user dialogue interaction, such as an industry website, on the site in addition to communicate with customer service online, members will use the most is their management background, if you have any questions or suggestions, feedback, not every users are so hard to call the customer service feedback, this time, you need to have a platform that allows users without restrictions, too much to speak, to make suggestions, to close the relationship between the "buy" and "sell". Our forum is "home base", in the last year, before the revision, we will organize a series of online activities, let some members even free membership through participating in activities for the web site advertising, display, closer relationships with each other.

three, pay attention to user experience

said that the user experience, I really have a little face can not hang, saying, now Discuz, X3 in May has been out, and our forum is still 7 version. (PS: given the current shortage of manpower, day will upgrade) when it comes to this functionality, of course is not with the X series compared to the forum. In the e-commerce site, the user experience is particularly important, because your experience is poor, will lead to the low conversion rate, low conversion rate of the consequences, not that we all go. This can not be said to be the experience, can only be said to warn you, must take the user experience seriously, in any case do not let your users in the process of using the forum continue to be tortured, the content is again good, the user again hurt, love you will choose to leave.

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