Talking about the survival and promotion skills of local websites

with Chinese users increasing, and rapid development of the Internet, China’s Internet has attracted a lot of time in the spring, the local sites have emerged, resulting in local web marketing and promotion is greatly increased. Many webmaster attended the Discuz webmaster annual meeting and some webmaster seminar, everyone competition is more intense. We can network marketing and promotion can be roughly divided into two categories, one is on-line, and the other is offline. The advantage of local websites is the promotion of referrals, which is beyond the reach of other industries. However, the on-line promotion effect directly affects the results of offline promotion, so Xiao Bian today summed up the on-line and offline combination.

is especially important for on-line promotion, which determines the first users of local websites. Online promotion in various ways, such as QQ group promotion, micro-blog promotion, blog promotion, BBS promotion, mail promotion and other promotion methods. All kinds of ways to have a successful and effective push hands, of course, including search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) and Baidu bidding and so on. Now, we’ll analyze several of them.

1. search engine competitive ranking — regional bidding ranking

when you browse Baidu page, whether Baidu knows or else, you can see the right side of some businesses put on the ad. And in Baidu search, the web page has a "promotion" of the word. This is Baidu bidding, Google bid and Baidu almost. Many users in the local search related content, there will be accurate advertising, these traffic conversion rate is very high. The general customers are mainly local service enterprises or direct selling websites. Because this investment to some grassroots webmaster is impossible.

2. uses Baidu products to promote

for free

since we do not have money, we will not do Baidu, Google bidding, Baidu products to do. Baidu Inc’s Baidu post bar, Baidu know, Baidu space, Baidu library and other free open platform. This is a piece of resources, a hotly contested spot. Baidu Post Bar almost all walks of life every place has its own Post Bar, through some high quality with attention, coupled with it hit a good relationship, there are certainly some effect. As for Baidu know the weight of the chain is very high places, but also drainage. A lot of people get mad at Baidu and bring in links, and if they do well, they can also achieve considerable conversions. This is the grassroots webmaster necessary way.

3., Tencent, Tencent, I love you,

Tencent QQ covers most of China’s Internet users, QQ space, QQ mail, search and other Tencent’s open platform is also a good place to promote. No doubt the QQ group promotion effect, as long as several local groups, and group discussions, plus some marketing skills, can grasp some loyal fans. So we will pass twenty hundred for your promotion, and low cost, good effect, why.

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