Share do a little bit of standing experience

with the popularity of the Internet, personal webmaster team increasingly large, how their living conditions? I think any industry is the same, with the meat, also have porridge, even more porridge is not on. Let’s talk about myself today.

just last month from the original factory resign, belongs to the vagrant one now, compared to the hao123 before the webmaster Li Xingping, Chinaz A Fei, Admin5 graph king, im286 fish, they are miles away, is my study example, the income is to give people a lift shoes no, but I also have the experience of doing their own stand and income, although rarely, but also far more work than before.

made a net plant last year, I think many people will remember, right, is the Taizhou plant network, now the site of the source are everywhere, do not use this program site one hundred has eighty. Now I stand this monthly income is about 2000-3000, because the intermediary always can not do it, to increase revenue, it is very regrettable, don’t know what other friends have done good, have the opportunity to communicate.

August, in stationmaster net see a lot of new friends complain, say to buy a space to be duped, and so on, the new bought space is not slow, it is old hang up. It makes me feel a new friend to guide the purchase of the space website is very good, so I came out of the railway station, the virtual host evaluation network operation, less than two months, the station has a little income, although the beginning soon removed in behind several advertising delivery to stationmaster net 1500 yuan, also some balance, it is profit.

here, a little bit of my experience for everyone to share, I hope to help a new friend.

website, first of all, positioning, good positioning, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Like a knife that stationmaster net editor, do not hit Sina, kicking the Sohu, NetEase in elbow clamp. Personal webmaster because of money and energy, it is recommended to choose some small industry, popular or popular local small website, this station is easy to use, quick profit, as long as it is very fast, the industry leader, as long as the enterprises want to promotion, then your station must be their first choice.

The second is to do

station can not blindly, to choose something you are familiar with the industry, if you want to make a trade, then you at least in this industry a better understanding of how they are operation, product is going on, if I want to be utterly ignorant of this, is to let Ma Yun to operate the station, also do not the effect of Alibaba.

is frequently updated again and propaganda website, as the saying goes, is not afraid of deep alley, but I want to say is that the wine is also afraid of deep alley! The website is done, not propaganda, not to let users know, not in the industry to accept, how can you make money? The publicity is simple, the most practical way is feeble, the Alibaba, from the website.

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