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can take a lot of time and resources, let alone the creativity needed to make the site stand out. Sometimes, especially in the stock exchange or relates to like this very commercial topic, we see that some webmaster to improve this website in Google search results in the same rate, trying to compete with many topic website. If you want your website to appear in our search results, there are several points to keep in mind when thinking about its strategy.

some creative webmasters, or no time, but webmasters with plenty of resources, may create a large number of similar websites, rather than adding unique information. From a user’s point of view, this kind of repetitive web site can be a bad user experience when it comes to search results. Fortunately, as time goes by, our algorithms have become increasingly adept at identifying similar content in order to provide users with a wide variety of information. We don’t recommend creating such a similar site because it doesn’t make good use of your time and resources.


, if all of your websites provide basically the same content, no more websites will contribute much to the internet.

although you can manage many websites at will, remember that users prefer to see unique and attractive content. Giving each site its own content, personality, and functionality is a good idea for any site, whether it’s a personal web site with only one page, or a part of a large web site. When you create a website, try to add some new things or some value to the Internet, creating some of your users have never seen things, they can give some inspiration and let them with some things, they can’t wait to recommend to their friends.

when you want to make a website idea, you should browse it online first. There are many websites that involve such general services as vacation planning, price comparisons, or foreign exchange transactions. It is pointless to repeat unnecessarily and compete with an existing topic on a broad web site. It is often more practical and beneficial to focus on smaller or more appropriate topics that you are best at, while user competition may not be so intense.

a few web site owners choose to focus their resources on one domain, but use their domain resources by creating many smaller sites linked to them. In some cases, these sites are considered as "door pages". Without their own value, these channel sites will not be able to stand the test of time in our search results. If you are registered several domain, but only want to focus on one topic, then we recommend that you are the one and only, to create compelling content in each domain, or use a 301 redirect, all will redirect the user to your preferred domain. Think about your website location as if it were a restaurant: you want everything to reflect what you are offering

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