An alternative edition of the movie website 1

how to quickly improve the movie website traffic? Earlier in the Admin5 see the website promotion after promotion, think of loopholes, this method tried 1 days to bring me 3000IP! Now I put this method to share with you!!!!

, the method is simple. Wow, can’t you share file uploads? We’ll take advantage of this, ~

1 first sign up for wow account and login wow ~

2, find a movie and add your website

in front of the movie name

3 share the folder

with WOW

4 wow honk has been hanging, hang the longer the promotion effect is better,.

, 5, wait a few minutes to see if this file is uploaded? Congratulations on your success. It’s that simple, `

, be careful. This movie uses yellow. When the wolf sees a little bit of it, you’ll open the URL you put in the movie file name, or make a yellow novel,

at the end of the content plus URL, the effect is good ~

I don’t write well ~ if you don’t understand the address, add me QQ:40002004, my movie website

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