How to increase the weight of website


and bird teacher exchanges about how to increase the weights of the website, through this communication I learned a lot of things, I sort out my own understanding, I hope everyone criticism.

is now the era of content is king, the new station has just launched a course or every day with lots of good quality articles, each article with a headline, it will not only attract GG, and will attract the Baidu search engine machine. If they are attracted by your station, then your station will have a play.

It is important for

to heighten the quality of the article, that is the basis. We need some skills. I want to love what taste of Baidu, is now the most commonly used to Baidu search keywords, we study these, then a processing in the website content, a long time will slowly increase the weight of the site.

now almost all netizens have QQ numbers, everyone wants to make their own space, personality, beautiful. Then everyone goes back to search for "QQ space template" and "QQ space code" and so on. Every man is to see the beauty of love, if you are in your own website and is similar to the "portrait", "beautiful pictures" and "sexy MM" words, may also will find your article in the search engine, so as to open your site. Now the campus network in various universities spread widely, and QQ space, everyone is more beautiful than others, more personality, so, "campus network graffiti board code" is a search hot. It is believed that using these examples, the weight of the website will increase faster. I believe the webmaster will have deeper experience than I do. Share good ideas and develop your own website.

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