My website and walked all the way

always wanted to write down their own experiences, but there has been no write, think of yourself first website is the time in early 2004. At that time, except for QQ, playing CS, what are not, one day when accidentally know the site can make money, apply for a domain name, buy a space of 100M, started his site Road, then please others do a web page navigation, I first stood on a page, but also simple is better than 123, when we find Wangzhuan news from that time know Wangzhuan alliance, registered to apply for the several advertising that time is good, price is high, every day a few, that money, at that time through the QQ to help students, and finally do not know who said that listening to, telecom dial-up tool As long as the broken dial IP changed, now that sounds simple, very funny, maybe someone will laugh in my ignorance, but in 2004 I want to know who should not be like this, from that time is up to 2, will find a home for the money to buy a computer, then one pull cable, just do a good job in the excited, the shock seems to put up the ad code, put a good few, every day on their own, at once broken, dial again, again, again off… Now it sounds boring, not much money, but at that time, the excitement is not good, every day to do the joy, every day good late sleep, for this by the counselor a lot of criticism.

over a period of time I feel tired to do so, if there is a tool to help me better, forget who, is also a kind of people tell me, use the button wizard own debugging, finally the test is successful, he also told me to use a tune all ads a page, oh, and then a starting point, the system alliance did not now so badly, do not click cheating check, so set up, every night I sleep, make money, remember the first week at more than 300 on the same day to get to the money that help me webmaster address, bought him a cigarette and then sent to Yellow Crane Tower, and my friends go out to dinner. So, I began to find more alliances, get more ad code, for more stations, some fundamental content, what are not, so, good days more than a year, at that time also led my bedroom brothers hard to get rich. I haven’t asked for money since I was 3 years old.

this year, had registered advertising, a lot of that time, feeling particularly good to earn money, and slowly began to check the cheating, we slowly began to cheat really do, the end of 2005 when many of the alliance began to check cheating, slowly I feel the crisis, just at that time there was a Taobao registered, registered a 10 dollars, so that during the Spring Festival for two months, every day also registered, close to 3W’s income, after the Spring Festival seems not to be, this time a lot of alliance appeared SMS advertising code is SP. "

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