Local website welcomes rapid development website capacity is complete


website as a piece of fat meat has been countless stationmaster favor, everyone want to eat meat, but only a piece of meat, how to do? In fact, local websites want to rapid development is not only the site itself is good, more important is the personal webmaster, web team efforts and dedication, here I talk about my place the website is how hard, how is it with my team together, I hope everyone can learn.

The first person to do four big

. Whether they have the ability to.

1. the establishment and management of website technology, now although there are many webmaster do not understand technology, but those who are wealthy, as a grassroots webmaster, do not understand the technical line? Even if you have a core team, team of people cheat you website problems, you do not understand it will be. This is just a simple description, in fact, a place of the website is not to say that you want to understand how much technology, some of the site’s common sense you should understand it. This is the webmaster to do the first step. Look at a picture. You don’t know the technique. Can you tell me how to add it? How can you point to the website link?


2. local contacts you have? Not to say that a local website can casually do, I want to do when the Chengde tourism website, several former sites do not many businesses to find my advertising, then find a partner, he in the local network wide, right now. Light is the advertising revenue every month tens of thousands, this is the network effect.

3. you will management team? A team of managers to do the members of the strict and kind, and without losing the leadership team, you can do it? Now a lot of team managers not to manage members but by members of the management, here I suggest do not understand the management knowledge of people go to the society in practice, many ask encounter things, the only way you can improve the personal management ability is called.

4. in the face of the temptation of money you resist? The network is virtual, the same network money is good money, when you place the website development quickly when you find people must have many, many of them want to play some illegal advertisements, I encountered, I called the network station hang a cabaret female advertising, said to 10 thousand yuan a month, but I didn’t hang up, why? Don’t do illegal things, or lose website not to say, people are going to lose.

personal webmaster to do the local website, must meet the above four conditions, I believe that your website can get rapid development. Of course, the success of a website can not be separated from the dedication of a team. Here we have a look at what a core team should have.

two. Does the team have the right conditions for upward development?.

1., team technology must have, a webmaster does not understand the technology, the site can operate, but a team does not understand technical sites, such as

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