Travel agents should pay attention to the importance of network acceptance

although more travel agencies recognize the importance of the network, but for this new Internet world, most of the travel agencies still remain in the application stage, basically can only do some simple copy and paste, and simple text processing and the most common data reports, did not play the application the advantage of. Now many travel agencies carry out tourism e-commerce, the measures adopted are as follows:

one, opening an online shop

is now better: the same way network, Baidu has ah, Taobao mall, Xinxin shop shop four, the majority of the travel agency and love.

advantages: the above online shop itself has a huge flow, after the travel agency opened the shop, almost without how to promote, you can receive guests online.

disadvantage: the above online shop can only be used as one of the means of early acceptance of low cost online travel agency.

two, opening web site

website as a brand thing, do small words, just like a company to display websites, bigger words, just like tourism e-commerce platform.

advantage: if a website is well managed, it will be enough to reach several travel agencies or meet the local community.

disadvantages: the initial investment is so large that many travel agencies are reluctant to invest a lot of money and teams on this strange market.

at present, many domestic travel agencies online marketing mode is single, lack of new ideas, resulting in low click through rate and low utilization rate. From the same way network learned, even if there is a N travel agency registered the shop, but there are some travel agencies or only to their own business, the data line information and contact information on the Internet, after the network maintenance, data modification and updating of the information work is ignored, not to mention automatic generalization. Therefore, some outdated information still on the Internet, causing misunderstanding to consumers, the same way network staff can only travel agencies in the initial part of the reminder, the travel agency to give feedback and advice of tourists. There are a number of travel agents directly copy other lines, the content is similar, the reference value of this product is much smaller, and tourists do not have a unique attraction.

experts remind: network marketing is an inevitable choice for the business, but also the products continue to be imitated, the product itself will cause homogenization, not prominent features of their products, but also can not meet the needs of tourists. Travel agents in the future e-commerce to a cup of soup, we must do on the link, details step by step, highlighting the highlights attract tourists.

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