Talking about the way out for webmaster of QQ type website

as we all know, Tencent is now a giant in the Internet industry, the total equivalent of two Alibaba and three Baidu. Its main product is QQ, which now accounts for 95% of China’s chat industry.

with the booming of QQ, many products come into being. QQ games, QQ spaces, QQ games, QQ pets, and so forth. It can be said, QQ is a big cake, everyone wants to bite a piece, QQ station came into being. But now, a few years, more and more people do QQ station, in addition to several earlier start, there is a good reputation outside the station, such as the beginning of 2003 QQJIA. The rest can be said is not good, most of the Webmaster Station half-dead. So, where are our webmaster,


I and many QQ station webmaster is like, even a grassroots is not four no Webmaster: no flow, no included, no ranking, no income. Almost a penny a day do not earn, six months down to earn a little bit, even the zero sum of money are not counted on the 7, 800. How can we increase our income,


‘s QQ stations now fall into two categories: garbage stations and non garbage stations. Of course, garbage stations are in the majority. Let’s say "no garbage station" first.

actually believe your station, if not garbage station, there is no need to read my article. The so-called non garbage station, is a certain reputation, there is a slightly stable access group, not advertising everywhere, but not for two days regardless of the station. This station, advertising does not necessarily have to put a lot, but also make a lot of money. Earn what? Click, Download chant, click advertising, I will not say more, try not to, because the QQ station does not have any good keywords. Of course, you can read other people’s articles. Some Daniel is not much, IP can also be optimized, we all want to point to your advertising. Now focus on downloading the class ads. This is paid by downloads. For example, your QQ is a non mainstream module station, if a Meitu Xiu Xiu download promotion effect is good. Of course, it depends on your own skills. I will not say too much, so. Try to find out for yourself.

garbage stations are the most. In fact, garbage stations can also be built without garbage. First of all, you must not put pop-up ads. Whether it’s a search engine, a user, and your own income, it’s not impressive. Secondly, do not advertising everywhere. There are 33 classical words, called the nine, less than twice five is equal to ten. Take less energy on how to find more advertising alliances, and spend less energy on how to plug in more advertising, and focus on how to maximize advertising. Also, do one or two ad League, do it fine. Personal recommendation ADSENSE. Threshold is not particularly high, suitable for small and medium-sized adsense.

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