Adsense site should be quality and quantity

quality and quantity of this keyword, seems to give the impression that it is used for enterprises to produce products above. The development of enterprises should be grabbed from the product, there is no quality, no quantity, and at the same time there is no quantity, quality is even worse. Of course, I talked about today is not what enterprise products, and talk about how our webmaster should do a site to sit quality and quantity.

actually, we have a lot of webmaster blindly pursuing quantity. You can say that, the general webmaster has several websites, more than dozens, as for hundreds of. But talk about quality websites (good websites, well known websites), none of them. Why? The reason is simple. There is no one flagship site. The webmaster dispersed with the increase of the website. In the end, the website closes one by one. Speed net webmaster is not against webmasters do more site, but want to make every site, the site as their children training, education, finally become talent.

ratio says, raise a child in the home and raise ten children in the home, ask whose education is better, the quality of life is high, I think everybody can choose the former. If you have the condition, there is a thousand and eight million and one hundred thousand, you can consider raising two, three. For those of us at the bottom of the webmaster, there is no basic source of life. I suggest it’s better to keep one. It means that we still have one or two websites, which are best for us. Of course, we should do well in our website, so we should have our own website.

some people say that there is no quality, no quantity, or quantity, no quality. I think this view is wrong. Quality and quantity should coexist. I have a friend, that is, second kinds: quantity, no quality. He said the proportion of hands of the site is not too much, should be few, is that so few sites, or from the website, can download ah, okay, even someone else’s company LOGO does not change, the title does not change, so go to so. You say this website wants to have what use, still ask me everyday, how can my website rank do not go up in Baidu?. I’m sorry to say, Baidu included your website, you are good, no K, your site count you good. What else do you want? A friend is a conservative, three years, has been a website, the site is doing well, very nice. But there is no good ranking, that is, we are more enthusiastic website – site navigation. One day desperately can only get a few hundred IP. For a while, his IP suddenly broke through 1000IP, and happily he stayed awake for half a night. Why? Because he did pay. I asked him, "have you made any money?" he said, "no, I haven’t earned any.".

what are the two cases? The reason is simple. We are in pursuit of quantity, but also to keep the quality, quality and quantity should be synchronized, less one can not. So, Adsense site should be quality and quantity. Everything is decided according to oneself. Net of

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