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mineral water on the table

– are you XXX, please? I’m on XXX, WeChat.

evening stroll in the park, see uncle aunt in Taijiquan, swarthy angler with legs crossed leisurely smoke. Many days of hot and suffocating, it cool and cloudy, pent up days of instant mood also stretch, buy a new novel with a Benmeng gray, I sit on a bench in the park to enjoy this rare old Beijing style comfortable.

– Oh, yes, come in, please.

has seven or eight employees, but they’re all off work, and A says he doesn’t usually encourage employees to work overtime, and he’s very late at night. A is 80, the hair is very high, the shirt is a little old, a little yellow, slightly belly fat. Recently, they just launched a wedding backstage trading system, and I said I wanted to see it, and he turned it down.

eBay – the online trading market has been a favorite time killer. Is to prepare a quarterly report or to find what you want Steinway second-hand piano? Is a file or on the Internet Home Furnishing Crafts Directory and take a look at the 27257 search results? When you face such a situation, it hardly needs time to think. EBay has earned two of its money: when you complete a deal on eBay including on its affiliate site, like Stub>

there is no doubt that work procrastination can produce negative economic results. These people always go to work, either to make a cup of coffee or to smoke. Of course, in an economy where you are constantly working, you need to have frequent breaks, and it can be said that sometimes "laziness" is inevitable. But if employees are absent-minded, texting, or moving on to the Youtube video network, the company suffers, and such laziness is a real laziness. When you put your hands down to work, you may have become someone else’s customer. The more time you waste, the more money you make.

one time, 9 o’clock in the evening, I went to visit an entrepreneur A, he is doing Internet plus wedding items, live in a residential and commercial building.

I closed my recording pen, unscrewed the farmer’s spring, and took a drink. When I saw that I didn’t record it, A put off the formality and started talking as if

this is a duplex house. Here is the staff office. It’s his office and the guest room is his bedroom. The staff office area is crowded and neatly placed with different brands of desktop computers. The sign of the monitor is not a brand with the computer. The office stood a long table, accounting for about 1/3 A employees and ordinary room, meeting here.

waited for a long time, knocked half Tianmen, a few phone calls, a white man slightly bloodshot to come to open the door.

this year, just in the taxi fare drop, I spent more than 10000 yuan, take away countless, the article also wrote a lot. The cycle of work, the body used to the fast-paced and multi threading, but when I sat on the bench, but suddenly feel very tired.

Americans can invest almost anything today, such as from Kenya stock to political prospects, but that doesn’t mean you can invest directly in people’s inertia. But you can invest in some of the company’s stocks, which are often "encouraged" and "abetted" by people who waste time. This may be a good investment, and a recent study shows that people’s inertia is improving. 30 years ago, only 5% of Americans thought they were "lazy people", but today that figure is 26%.

Starbucks Starbucks — a cup of coffee to relax after work may have become the most enduring form of leisure. The Dunkin’Donuts is intended to provide a resting place for busy people, while Starbucks promotes services for those who are idle. Starbucks offers comfortable seating, Wi Fi service, delicious snacks, and soft music. Stocks continue to depreciate in a weak economy, but $4 a cup of latte is the easiest way to get people to pay for it.

‘s best course isn’t just investing in common stocks in the stock market, but it’s like you and I don’t have the ability to inject capital into an unlisted Facebook, so we have to accept that. There is also a lot of wasted time because people in big companies can’t use something such as mini games, viz and MySpace. But according to the Slate stock agency study, we have listed 7 such "investment inertia" schemes, each representing a different approach.

she is also that Sisyphus? Is not exactly. She also exudes light and heat to the people around her, and her colleagues are cyan, eyes and black. At the end of the interview, she hugged everyone of her colleagues. She was the only one I interviewed with fewer than a hundred founders.

I can come over and talk to him. He’s happy. He spends the night alone. He’s tired of working on the couch for a night. We are talking about the same old topic, business models, market size, vision, personal career and so on. I am a little sleepy, his answer is mechanical and skillful. I wanted to talk about something else, and when I started talking about the investor’s "special hobby", he suddenly lit up and burst into laughter. He immediately interrupted my interview, he began to contact the investor familiar.

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