n depth analysis of Ali’s mother Taobao customersClick Wangzhuan novice to join the new traps need

fourth points, here stresses the problem of Ali mother. When you find time to buy things through the Taobao customer will earn money, you will not be engaged in Taobao customers, because I believe that only want to earn money more easily through the network of talent will come to do Taobao off! A friend to know Taobao, but he also registered the Ali Mama account, but he did not to do, he just to buy things cheaper to buy in this way! When this happens, the mom how to deal with? I believe that Ali mother has considered this point, but in order to grow their own team, and the development of Taobao in Taobao to recommend new customers guest!!! Imagine that Ali mother gains from, and Treasurer? When they know the truth, how many people will put their goods into Taobao customers to promote

today is the 19 in January 2010, and count, I do Ali mother’s Taobao customers have been 8 months, and always feel that we should share something. Write this article in the spirit of seeking truth from facts, so as to be able to afford Taobao guest novice, or many friends will mistakenly believe that the author is also Ali mother’s child care.

A case of !

station and in front of the second strokes also quite similar, but not by money pop webmaster. The general situation is the webmaster launched a free upgrade plan, to celebrate the opening website launched preferential plan. "* * * Wangzhuan at 18 o’clock on March 14th to open on time, registered to send 10 Fen, send 100 star members! Click change score, click the highest 3 points, 0.5 yuan to pay." General is a one hundred free upgrade membership as the standard, the ghost knew he would send the number of free VIP membership. Most of the members may not be able to pull off the assembly line, so hope to get a free upgrade, random free line. Do you want to upgrade? As long as you registered a website according to the requirements of the station, as it is now more popular PC eggs, yo landlords, YILUFA chess game like, register a level, registered five rise five. Attractive ah, plus not ridiculously high price so many click make friends in droves, this station general >

third, the current employment problem has led to many rookies joining Taobao, and many have been misled by newcomers to advertise their websites. To their own procedures for beginners, for the Taobao operating mode is still very vague new, more gullible. I analyzed, novice to do Taobao, when he spent a lot of time to do the promotion, but later found their income or "0", most will have the psychological beat a retreat. Here I want to tell a novice, do Taobao customer is the most important to remember when I started to do, for 10 consecutive days, no income for half a month’s income is a common thing, you can also experience the mood now.

fifth, Taobao is OK

is the typical six referral commission click Wangzhuan, head of the operation process is like this: first launched a free upgrade plan, good upgrade senior member, a few simple examples, this is a website publicity: "send promotional activities continue to open membership: the promotion of 20 ordinary members for upgrade 1 star members, 60 ordinary members for promotion to upgrade 2 star members, 120 ordinary members for promotion to upgrade 3 members, promote 240 ordinary members upgraded to 4 members, promotion of 600 ordinary members to upgrade to 5 star members, the members enjoy the same promotion gift random referral treatment, we refuel, 1 star member with 10 seconds of advertising 10000 2 star members donated 10 seconds advertising 30000 times 3 membership giving 10 seconds advertising 50000 times 4 Membership giving 10 seconds advertising 70000 times 5 star membership giving 10 seconds advertising 120000" It looks very ordinary, ah, to develop off the assembly line: one is that you have a higher income, the two is obtained offline free, three is to click on the score increased. Make friends in order to achieve the purpose of upgrading, desperate publicity, webmaster in laugh, this is the world’s most cost-effective promotion plan, your website may appear in the forum or countless, get a lot of traffic in a short period of time, to a certain time to put some advertising popups what, a lot of earn money that is the window owners earn money. So this is a superficial reform do also often work. You may not be able to receive the money, a waste of time wasted effort, maybe your computer will be playing the jump.

Taobao guest, first of all, is not so simple, as I often say, see what others do what make money, he is going to do, but not necessarily very ideal, in fact Taobao master skills and skills are not off, but everyone has his own way, when you to do, according to your own ideas of success, this will become your skills! And the master will not easily revealed he is how to do promotion.


click Wangzhuan is in a Chinese higher active component, suitable for beginners, can quickly make money experience happiness. But China click Wangzhuan is one of many of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, in which fraud. Recently because of some stations charge a membership upgrade fee much now spend money to upgrade raise a Babel of criticism of senior members, fewer people. A new kind of deception began to appear, this approach may be more subtle, also associated with upgrading of senior members.

secondly, the Taobao guest background system is very opaque to what we do for Taobao customers. For example, the report of the transaction should be like GGAD, sh419 Advertising Federation, every day there are detailed reports out, even if it is not done today, there should be a report. I have to say, mom just joined Taobao off the development of the novice, but I do not take the time to get off the Taobao system more perfect? No wonder there are a lot of friends who feel like winning Taobao customer, speculation in second days of income statement there is income or income. How much is the

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