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second: be sure to highlight a word: "Li."". Whether it is to sell products or sell items, you need to let your customers come to your website is in the mood to stay on here; whether it is 80 years old, was a child 10 years old; they have a common characteristic: "greed".

single page on the surface looks simple, but to do is not an easy thing; in this time, I have been in the study of this model at the same time, the author also brings a lot of single page for the ocean, here to share with you the little brother some experience in the past few years today. Speak well enough place please predecessors:

ordering is not a pleasant thing. You need to call the hotel reservation and booking time usually must advance. When you go to the hotel to take delivery, often look like a queue for a long time. Therefore, many people want to have a service can solve this pain. In this case, a company called OrderAhead came into being.

OrderAhead from the business incubator Y Combinator. The company offers a free iPhone application, help the user to a local hotel quick meal. As long as the user related credit card application in ordering, then by name and telephone number to take meal. The services are free of charge.



allows users to quickly from ordering nearby restaurants with mobile phone

third: customer witness is essential, you always a person in instilling advertising to the customer, the customer is a little sick, in the pages of a start, try not to be too much to introduce related products, but to write a customer experience.

, if you are new to the Internet, if you don’t understand the complicated language, and you want to make money through the Internet, what can you do?

OrderAhead from California Palo Alto started the business has expanded to San Francisco, there are 200 businesses in the network. In the past 4 weeks, only San Francisco has about 100 businesses signed with OrderAhead. The company announced Tuesday that earlier this year completed the $2 million 300 thousand seed financing, investors include Facebook co-founder Adam D ‘Angelo, shlf1314 micro-blog chairman Eric Schmidt.

using a single page! You just need to know how simple HTML can, even if you HTML do not know if I find a good first blog editor products and advertising words you recommend, and then copy the code to create a index.htm file, upload to FTP. OK, a platform for making money online is built.

at present, OrderAhead mainly focus on the hotel, especially takeaway restaurant. The company has a more ambitious goal: to help users to book a variety of local businesses through mobile phone products.

, its function is very simple, but a good solution to the trouble, wait for a long time ordering problem

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fourth: pay attention to the language to interact; for example when I promote a slimming products are usually used: dear sisters: Hello, are you worried for your tummy and? Do you want to lose weight fast? Please deep breathing, deep breathing, because here I want to tell you a super the method of weight loss; let us countdown

, for example, a little gift


is OrderAhead for the U.S. market, so it is not suitable for Chinese ordering patterns. Americans sometimes call the restaurant, let them to prepare some good dishes, then drove to pick up. For most Chinese, "ordering" is the meaning of a call to the restaurant to eat at home will not run their own past to take meal.

seems to be in April of 09 years, a chance, I saw the teacher Wang Zijie product promotion page, so I began to study this simple and clear marketing model. The author through the survey found that: at present many industries are using this single page marketing model, the most used is to sell the project, but do Taobao customers single product promotion is also very much.

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first point: when introducing a product, be sure to stress the point. You don’t have to show all the performance pictures of the product. You just need to grab the key description.


in addition to providing value-added services for consumers, OrderAhead is also hard for the creation of value. The company hopes to become the Amazon store micro-blog, the menu and inventory stores are posted on the internet.

of course, there are many details that need to be registered in the single page marketing. I hope everyone will dig it well. Recently, the younger brother planned a small project, "excellent wealth network" www.cctvzoy, I feel fairly perfect, welcome predecessors come to pointing out younger brother :4933534

OrderAhead but the significance is that it can make you do not have to wait for a long time. If a restaurant is fire, the scene, a la carte takes a very long time, then you can through the OrderAhead pre order, shorten the waiting time at the restaurant.

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