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because of their credulity and lack of experience, the company encountered a Spanish orders, no payment after the commercial fraud. Wang Xuehong undaunted, bodyguard had lived in Barcelona for half a year, which is to recover the $700 thousand payment is deceived.

in 1981, received a master’s degree in economics from the University of California in California, Wang Xuehong did not enter the Formosa, but into the sister Wang Xueling public computer company. Mainly responsible for sales.


, 15, Wang Xuehong was abroad, she was sent to the United states. Wang Xuehong became the only Chinese student in the whole school, and he was very young. In such environment, Wang Xuehong had wanted to become a pianist’s dream, but in his mentor and after a long talk after realized that if you want to become a famous musician, talent and hard work are indispensable. I have more than enough, but not enough talent in this respect. In this way, she decided to transfer to the Department of economics.

at the end of 2003, Wang Xuehong was prosecuted for allegedly sending a commercial spy. Nearly all the headlines in the Taiwan media were discussing the spy case and comparing Wang Xuehong with her father. As the stock price plummeted and losses of small investors in the shareholders’ meeting repeatedly questioned Wang Xuehong: " Wang Yongqing did not teach the daughter through

when HTC decided to make a mobile phone, Wang Xuehong gave up ", foundry ", the most familiar model of the Taiwan enterprise, and took another road. At this point, Microsoft launched the MCE operating system, although Microsoft is reluctant to cooperate with small vendors such as HTC, but HTC first made a PDA sample.

Wang Xuehong

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6 years later, Wang Xuehong decided to start his own business. However, she did not have a penny to his father Wang Yongqing, but with her mother in Taipei house mortgage loans, NT $5 million to the bank, bought the Silicon Valley a chip group company, which is the predecessor of via. Perhaps unintentionally, at that time, " there are many options for " Wang Xuehong chose to challenge Intel.

was recognized when Wang Xuehong showed the samples to Gates, and the collaboration between HTC and Microsoft began. Later, HTC’s smartphones, Dopod’s high-end smartphones, followed Microsoft’s MCE.

she created two famous enterprises: one is the same with Intel, AMD via a; in the early development of the intelligent mobile phone, to become the industry benchmark HTC; not a penny to his father to the richest entrepreneurs, almost won the richest man in Taiwan start empty-handed. Wang Xuehong’s father, Formosa chairman Wang Yongqing, is a person known to every family in Taiwan. He pushed the Taiwan Plastics Group to the top 50 in the world’s chemical industry. He has three wives, nine children, the 9 children he was sent abroad to study.

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