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Ali set up 2 billion fund in Taiwan

listed companies has made the market participants more eager to build the new three board system. One investor said that investment in the private equity market have preferential subscription rights, investors will advance with the major shareholders agreed exit path, with provisions to protect the tender offer in the A stock market, the new board corresponding system needs further improvement.

"dreams and ideals are different. What is the ideal?" the ideal is a group of people firmly committed to one thing, and a plan, practice, action, a little bit of it into reality." Yesterday March 3rd, the Alibaba founder Ma came to Taiwan, had a "dream" conversation with two thousand young people in Taiwan.

it is understood that the fund will be managed by a professional investment team, mainly investing in start-ups established by young entrepreneurs in Taiwan. The profits generated in the investment will be re invested into the fund to ensure that the fund will continue to operate. Related job applications will be carried out in accordance with the law, hoping to obtain permission from the competent authorities in Taiwan, is expected to carry out plans in the second half of this year. This is also the first time Alibaba set up an venture capital fund in Taiwan.

The core purpose of

minority shareholders are in a weak position,

listed companies has made the market participants more eager to build the new three board system. In the private equity market, there are preemptive rights, investors will agree with the major shareholders in advance of the exit path, in the A share market there is the provision of tender offer protection, therefore, the new three board corresponding system needs further improvement.

The merger and acquisition of the new three Board Companies by the

is not just Ma Yun, millet technology chairman Lei Jun, cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng and other Internet heavyweights have also come to Taiwan sermons".

it is understood that the Ma to Taiwan should be National Taiwan University Union, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan University of science and Technology Student Union invitation. In the evening of March 2nd, the Alibaba announced that it would establish a 2 billion yuan 10 billion NT fund in Taiwan to support young people and young entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

thirty-fifth also stipulates, "the purchaser in accordance with the provisions of the tender offer, for the same class of shares of the offer price shall not be lower than the highest price tender notice, within 6 months before the acquisition of people paid the stocks." In addition, the offer price is lower than the daily weighted average price of notice, the 30 trading days before the stock of the average value, the acquirer should hire financial advisers to analyze transactions 6 months ago in relation to stocks, whether the presence of price manipulation, whether acquirers have not disclosed the same action people, who purchase the first 6 months of shares of the company if there are other payment arrangements, the offer price is reasonable.

in fact, Ali Taiwan is not without reason, Taiwan Internet development in decades, after the glorious era of the PC, the birth of Acer, HTC and other famous enterprises, with the sweeping wave of mobile Internet, mobile in Taiwan.

Choice data show that in 2016 there are 124 A-share listed companies issued a new board of intent mergers and acquisitions listed company announcement, as of February 19, 2017, 28 have been implemented A. Since 2017, 14 companies listed on the merger and acquisition of the new three board of listed company have been added.

Ma Yun who, talking about how to success from the entrepreneurial dream. The Taiwan before he sent a "gift": the evening of March 2nd, the Alibaba officially announced, will be set up in Taiwan 2 billion yuan total 10 billion NT venture fund, for the support of young entrepreneurs in Taiwan.


fund is to assist young entrepreneurs in Taiwan Ali ecological system and the market trading platform, the establishment and development of their careers, they can make products and services will expand to the Greater China market.

The merger and acquisition of the new three Board Companies by the

native of Taiwan told the "daily economic news" reporter, from a global perspective, except in Silicon Valley and Beijing, most of the entrepreneurial resources are very scarce, especially the investment risk, therefore need more a fund.

AppWorks founder Lin Zhichen business incubator

but in the "management measures" acquisition of unlisted public company, make mandatory requirements to offer not only stipulates that "public company should be agreed at the time when the company was acquired by the offeror need to make a general offer to all shareholders of the company in the acquisition of the articles of association of the company, and a clear trigger conditions offer a comprehensive and appropriate institutional arrangements."

each reporter Ma Weimin from Beijing

Ali PR official stressed that the fund and Ali in the correlation is not Taiwan local business, but from a long-term perspective, the Alibaba to set up venture fund, will contribute to the expansion to speed up the Alibaba in areas outside the mainland, and supported by the record industry company is likely to be an important customer Alibaba in Taiwan potential.

it is understood that most of the new three board listed company in the company’s prospectus did not make a clear explanation of the tender offer. In three new board equity high concentration degree, the small shareholders believe themselves in a weak position in corporate governance, shareholders’ meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors under the control of the large shareholders, small shareholders propose their own.

the measures for the administration of the takeover of listed companies include the conditions of the offer and the price of the offer. The provisions of article twenty-fourth of the way through the stock exchange transaction, the offeror holds shares in a listed company reaches 30% of the shares issued by the company, continue to holdings of shares, shall take the offer, offer full or partial offer issued."

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