China Tower intends to port PO financing of not more than 10 billion U S dollarsAnalysis of websit

1, through the flow to obtain advertising revenue, such as webmasters, who are the first to provide users with many valuable resources. And the ways in which these resources are provided are gratis. Do not provide in the process of too many restrictions, for example, want to see any article for registration will have access to, or to have integral can browse. In fact, this is very bad to do well. Many friends will often be lost. Because the same message, if others do not limit. Net friend will not register in your station, recharge browsing. In addition, take some time to get some valuable original resources for free. These resources are unique to the web. As long as we have what others don’t have. We will come to the fore. Will be loved by users. To get a steady flow of traffic, always bring profits for your station.

2, through membership services, now many network resources are through membership to provide services. I’m not saying it’s going to be absolutely free. Because it takes into account the cost of the battle. Here, I offer some suggestions to members of the webmaster. Just do the station owners, it is best not to take part of the membership system. For example, download the paper only recharge, there are points before you can browse what to download. Because you just do the station, even reputation is not even a little reputation, you are eager for instant success, want to gain some profits from the customers over there. Because we do not like the beginning of the novel, word of mouth effect is very good, there are people who read the novel know the beginning of the novel network, and the starting point of the novel network is also the majority of the novel is free to provide browsing. Only the VIP part of the article is needed before they can browse the delta. And this part only has the starting point to have the ownership, other novel nets have not. If your station can be like a starting point, you can do that. Otherwise, you can only focus on providing free services early. Only free services are provided. To establish a good image in the minds of customers, in order to attract more users. When the day comes, you’re really done. Get net friend approbate, you consider again not too late.

micro-blog, China Mobile China Unicom micro-blog and China Telecom micro-blog in October 2015 jointly set up a China tower, in order to save the investment in infrastructure and reduce the management cost of each mobile phone base station.

many webmaster do the basic purpose of the station is to use the Internet limited resources to dig unlimited assets. To obtain advertising revenue through traffic, through membership services, through the free service to tap potential customers, and so on. Now for the above points to talk about the importance of free service station station.

Abstract a source said that China’s tower company’s Hongkong IPO is expected to start at the end of this year or early next year, the maximum amount of financing up to $10 billion.


Tencent technology news May 29th, foreign media reports said that China tower company invited investment banks to participate in the initial public offering of Hongkong IPO underwriters role selection. The company owns and manages the communications tower for China’s three largest state-owned telecom operators.

service profit chain, everyone might have heard of it. But rarely heard of the service profit chain on the webmaster, why should I write this topic today?. With the current industry competition, the survival of the master is facing challenges, has a great relationship. In the current products can not be differentiated, the service often plays a guiding role in customer psychology. It can be said that a good free service is an endless profit chain.

3 mining potential customers through free service. I think it’s very important. That’s what I’ve been focusing on. Before I >

Thomson Reuters quoted IFR close to the deal. Reported that China’s tower IPO’s maximum fund-raising amount of up to $10 billion.

IPO of China Tower is expected to start late this year or early next year, according to

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