Content entrepreneurship so fire but you will use Chinese characters written by flow to make money

even so, we all know that in the WeChat business is a very reliable choice, but the design and limitations of WeChat itself based on product information, most entrepreneurs to output only in the form, so the term "content of entrepreneurship" was born.

I don’t disagree with this view. I’ve written a story about super App, the Internet fourth scene, and the booming super App is actually a cloud operating system. In China, WeChat has more users than users of the iOS operating system and Android operating system, and on such platforms, if you can start a business, it’s a very pragmatic approach, and the cost of seeing is much lower.


today to write an article for some new friends, "a few" do Wangzhuan must have, hoping to help some novice friends, make some new friends detours, I used to go a lot of detours, wasting his time to think a lot, before I have to feel ashamed now. I hope so, some new friends for many detours, good nonsense here, said the following several conditions: the website must have

but the content of entrepreneurship, when NetEase, Sina, Sohu such portals that on-line is the content of entrepreneurship? Network game is not content? Taobao goods is not content? sh419 search results not content? Is the content, also has been done, why now what you say

so don’t speak too loaded to force it, say now what business, in fact means that we can get a WeChat public number, or content in a similar platform, and even business writing.

What is ?


recently fired a very fire word called "content entrepreneurship", it is said that the content of entrepreneurship will be very hot.

of course there is a class of people that the word "content of entrepreneurship" fire, they also agree with the word, is the business tide, many people want to start, but not the development of App, then make a public number hair article, these people also want to give myself a great name called "the content of entrepreneurship", even as some public numbers are not registered to entrepreneurship, first built a group called community, so give yourself a meaning of entrepreneurship.

, the reason for creating the term "content entrepreneurship"

first condition: do Wangzhuan is like a long road, the road is very long and some people stop on the way, some people choose to give up going this way, some people take this road over, but did not stick to the end, some take this road go out, see a lot of traffic, so the next road light up. So we do Wangzhuan too early is more difficult, but the latter is more comfortable, so we do Wangzhuan must have patience, to adhere to it, then it will be out of the ordinary! So we remember "persistent"

entrepreneurs can develop their own App, you can do simple and direct business platform, you can do mobile phones, games and so on, than the WeChat public number of the framework is much larger.


third conditions: "ability"". This "ability" which contains a lot of factors, we don’t think that is a technical thing, technical things to spend some money Witkey to people rushing to do so, this "ability" is mainly personal knowledge, personal execution, personal thinking & · middot; · and so on. I personally feel Chinese ability contains a lot of factors, here I will probably list three I think is more important.

, but what can entrepreneurs do on the App Store platform,

but think about it, you say WeChat on the electricity supplier, training, and all the chips and so on, often by the form of the article to push the business out. Some also rely on reading the original text to reach their own pages, and the so-called custom menu, users will use very little frequency. The main thing is to push the article.

ordinary entrepreneurs are currently the most intuitive, can only be a public number to write articles, write content. Some people will say, wrong, we can do electricity providers in WeChat public platform, online education, and so on.

but what can we do on WeChat like this at the moment,

feel to want to do Wangzhuan bigger, must have these conditions, ha ha, well written, if you think there are those places not written, or what is the number of missed words can add my , you discuss. I hope that today’s article will help some novice friends. this article by beyondxqt/vip webmaster original, first A5, reprinted please indicate here.

second conditions: "hard!"". If you don’t work hard, so the money put things in front of you for you to operate it will change to not make money, we must take these opportunities to become larger, so the harvest can be bigger, we need to know that every day people work hard, not ordinary.

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