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Hello, my brother is a grassroots, today we bring about the Internet business risk problem in the Internet industry, according to the different conditions of entrepreneurs themselves can be divided into initial stage, Xiaoyouchengjiu stage and meteoric rise stage, but the grassroots brother believe more entrepreneurs are still in the primary stage and Xiaoyouchengjiu stage. The next article in this series will be for at the primary stage and small successful entrepreneurs are analyzed.

for WeChat entrepreneurial platform, A5 admin5 editor here also simple to talk about a few words, now is the rapid development of mobile Internet era, WeChat may be a good platform for entrepreneurship. But here, I also remind the broad masses of entrepreneurs, friends, venture capital needs to be cautious, not blindly follow the development of the times, in the wake of the times, should be combined with their own actual situation. If you don’t know the WeChat platform, then when you spend some time learning or trying to start a business on this platform, other well prepared start-up friends may have succeeded

we’ve talked about the reasons why we first came into the Internet, and the problems we face in general. Then detailed analysis. A piece of paper to write full, but there is still a gap between words at any time, no matter how we experience enough, can deal with various emergency situations, for example, a brother of the grassroots project.

recently, because WeChat downtime incidents, some entrepreneurs have to turn their attention to the WeChat platform business. In the era of mobile Internet and intelligent machine popularization, under the platform of WeChat’s nearly four hundred million user base, many entrepreneurs think it is a good opportunity to enter the WeChat platform.


to use WeChat Internet media analysis of the reasons for the use of WeChat said: the reason is because occupy most of friends, classmates and other people are in use, from this point, we can see, now WeChat’s popularity rate or will be greatly improved, with the circle of friends to spread, or the WeChat platform will become entrepreneurs the most favorable opportunity.

from the above analysis, we may think that WeChat platform is a good opportunity to start a business. However, appeared on the Internet on WeChat entrepreneurial opportunity recently, Public opinions are divergent., some analysts said WeChat entrepreneurs if do not want to become cannon fodder, quickly away from the WeChat platform. In the part of entrepreneurs are crowded peaks wishing to enter the WeChat platform bridge at the same time, there are some WeChat remind entrepreneurs away from this business platform. What exactly is the reason why it reminds entrepreneurs to enter the WeChat platform to be cautious,

did the project, he had thought about how the project would be promoted, how it worked, and how it would work

entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of WeChat platform to achieve wealth dream


teenager, why did you choose the Internet industry? To sum up, the initial reason let us enter the industry has more than two kinds, the first is for the interest of the Internet, the Internet as a kind of fun, see second, do the Internet people earn money or see a good time on the Internet desire, oneself can also get from the Internet in one, so we Pidianpidian into the Internet industry, which is why we entered the Internet industry.

I found that in reading the article, some ideas in this paper is about some sense, WeChat is a Tencent, the Tencent will put such a good chance to make good use of their own, It is without rhyme or reason. good opportunity to make money to others. Unless you can, otherwise, on the domain of others, do you think you can achieve the dream of wealth? In this regard, the author believes that WeChat business platform of the single plank bridge thought to go is not easy.

lacks experience and knows little about it. We’ll die for that,

shortly before the Internet, an Internet make millions of years selling barbecue room: WeChat fun O2O article, this paper describes a 80 entrepreneurs use the Internet and mobile Internet platform combined with O2O model of entrepreneurial success stories. Since then, some entrepreneurs start a business on the WeChat platform, but recently on WeChat’s Internet business platform for the less and less, until the appearance of the 7.22 WeChat outage, entrepreneurs from some anxious reaction users can easily see most of my friends use WeChat has become a habit, or will the WeChat platform business is a good opportunity.

why did you choose the Internet? He will kill you!


said that, when we enter the Internet you will find that the original Internet is not so good to do, with the saturation of the market, the increase in competition, we started to become very difficult, our daily tangled why our industry can not do it, why do I pay so much effort but not in exchange for accordingly, the possibility of our first project. Then, we will summarize the great project of dead and second projects on the second, however, the possibility of dead project is still large, well, we will do third, fourth, fifth projects, no matter how much we care most of the reason the project is dead due to lack of experience we test not and can not well deal with unexpected emergencies.

as we gain experience, we will slowly from a point in understanding, expand into a line, and then become a face, we continue to face knowledge expansion, this is our growth process. But our understanding is never enough to make us perfect, because you never know what the next project will be because of unexpected unexpected death, which is the Internet industry’s greatest risk.

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