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two, according to the listed company objection to verify the situation, Beijing vauthier culture media Limited by Share Ltd and other 69 listed company to meet the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", in innovation.


according to the "National SME share transfer system listed company hierarchical management approach Trial" hereinafter referred to as the "hierarchical management approach", combined with the preliminary screening objection handling situation after the publication of the list, the shares of the company has completed the screening work innovation listed company. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

one, meet the innovation layer standard of listed company total 1393 detailed list below.



, in recent years, the talent war intensified, many companies began to spend a lot of time management of the so-called "human assets."". But they ignore another important component of human assets — the company’s employees. Whether the company can not be laid off, or employees have found better opportunities for development, the company’s talents are likely to leave for a variety of reasons. From the moment they stepped out of the company, their understanding of the company and the company’s investments in them also left the company. In order to retain these valuable resources, the company can continue to maintain relations with them after their employees have left, just like the alumni of the school, so that they can continue to make some contribution to the company in different ways.

"good horse back", with the priority

flow out of the staff is the company to recruit the most suitable candidate. In fact, compared with the recruitment of new employees, former employees of the enterprise again recruitment cost is only about half of the former; at the same time, in the first quarter after work, these "eat grass horse", the "new" high productivity than those around 40%. Survey shows that the "Fortune 500" company by actively rehiring former employees, the average corporate annual savings of $12 million cost. For enterprises, the most important reason for returning employees is that companies and employees are very familiar with each other and understand each other. Information symmetry, therefore, can reduce the time and cultural cost of running because they do not understand. Motorola company in the system provides: if employees leave the company within 90 days back, before the company’s service will continue.

four, Changzhou sixth element materials Polytron Technologies Inc, Limited by Share Ltd, Donghai securities Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Guoyi tender three Dahan communications Limited by Share Ltd by China securities regulatory agency to adopt the administrative supervision measures for the listed company or the actual controller, according to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", the adjustment of innovation.

shares of the system said that since May 31, 2017, the national share transfer system is to adjust the level of the listed company, and reveals the innovation and foundation of the listed company and transfer of securities market information disclosure documents. Please sponsor the securities dealers, information providers and other market participants attach great importance to, encountered important circumstances, should promptly report to the national stock company.



editor’s note: share transfer system officially released 2017 innovation layer listed company list.

confirmed that the stock transfer system was officially released in 2017, listed company list of innovation layer, 1393 companies selected innovation layer, compared to the initial list of more than 34.


three, innovation preliminary screening after the announcement, the listed company of Limited by Share Ltd for a Ming software voluntarily give up into the innovation layer, according to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", the adjustment of innovation.

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

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